Rough Runner

In recent years since the success of the endurance, agility and strength TV programs, high energy events have begun to spring up all over the world, most with their origins in the USA. As the concept gains momentum in Europe, Airquee is regularly contacted to help create concepts because we have a high level of expertise in creating robust products which can handle relentless punishment from fit, competitive participants.

Inflatables combined with mechanical apparatus make transportation easier and cheaper than traditional methods. These new inflatable obstacle courses mean that companies such as Rough Runner can travel the length and breadth of the country to gain wider participation and revenues without mass convoys of trucks and heavy equipment. When the organisers of Rough Runner approached Airquee, they did so because they had full confidence that we could deliver what they wanted, on time and within their budget.

Why Airquee

We are the only inflatable manufacturer in Europe that has to date successfully manufactured products that combine water, mechanical moving parts and inflatables.

We have the resources in research and development, design and consultation to ensure that the client’s requirements are met in terms of what the event should achieve.

The organisers needed to have the confidence that thousands of people would be puAng the equipment through its paces within a short space of time. Our experience means we know what works and what doesn’t.

The event

The event was a resounding success and huge volumes of people who had fun using Airquee equipment. Rough Runner have been in touch with us again since, expressing their wish to collaborate on new additions to the range.