Creative learning centres, especially the inflatable kind, were developed and introduced to the baby and toddler play market by Airquee in the early 2000’s. Our clients and our client’s clients were requesting soft play and inflatable equipment which brought more life, energy, substance and educational creativity to rental operators, leisure centres, health clubs and corporate events.

From those days it has gone from strength to strength with various off shoots, versions and refinements. The key to our creative centres and creative learning centres is that they offer education and development via safe play. Children learn without realising they are learning. From more subtle and basic cognitive and motor skills to more obvious and direct educational skills such as mathematics, our creative centres provide an excellent and safe environment for babies and toddlers to play and learn, while parents can be either completely involved with the play, or observe from a distance. The interactive nature of our inflatable and soft play creative centres also helps children develop all-important social skills from an early age in a very informal environment.

In recent years, our creative learning centres have become increasingly popular and we offer a wide range of different versions and themes. They are mobile, lightweight, easy to transport and very simple to operate. They also pack away to almost nothing! For more information, please contact us.

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