The Airquee Helter Skelter slide is without question the best Helter Skelter Slide product on the market. We developed the first Helter Skelter slide in 2014 and although many manufacturers have tried to copy, no other company has managed to replicate the crispness, stability, performance and overall style and appearance that Airquee has created through years of research, development and refinement. Look at how flat the steps fit on the ground and how crease-free the walls are from top to bottom. Our white and red materials are added with extra anti-fungal and anti-bacterial treatments that allow us to use white material which normally gets affected by dirt and grime more than other colours. In addition, we use high gloss, easy-to-clean material which is unique to Airquee and is why our Helter Skelters look magnificent after years of being used, compared to other manufacturers. No other manufacture has successful made the climb and slide work as well as the Airquee slide due to our Auto Cad and precision cutting machines.

Our Helter Skelter slides come in 3 main sizes. The 8.5ft (2.6m) platform, the 10ft (3.15m) platform and the 15m platform (4.6m). All of them can be manufactured in any colour or theme. The 8ft platform is easy for one person to manage in set up and packing away although the 10ft and 15 ft platform slides are better with 2 people. For people that are particularly familiar with inflatable operation or quite strong, the 10ft platform can also be managed by one person. All 3 slides are easily supervised by one person with the entrance and exit both being on the same side.

We are extremely proud of this design that has been refined and improved over many years. For more information, please contact us.

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