Inflatable Games

Airquee manufactures a great choice of simple but fun and effective games, stalls, carnival games and booths which are normally used by clients as part of a larger range. For example, our collection of super hoopla, hit the bean cans, Velcro targets and the payment booth are excellent for carnivals, fetes, corporate fun days and the like. One of the great things about these stalls and games is that no matter whether you rent them out individually, as part of a package, or altogether as a games collection, they are very lightweight, easy to package, erect and operate and they take up little room during transportation. We can customise any traditional and established carnival game into its inflatable version, let us know if you’d like a new booth, carnival game or stall that you have not seen in our selection of games here. Alternatively, if you would like a branded or themed version of one of our existing games, we are happy to design and manufacture this for you. Please contact us for more information.

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