Disco Ready Inflatables

Disco Dome bouncy castles and Disco bouncy castles are hugely popular for operators all over the world. In recent years, they have developed immensely and Airquee in particular has introduced some magnificent inbuilt additions to the traditional disco domes. In the past, disco domes have had an inherent design flaw which means they could deflate when the doors were opened. Airquee has a complete and total solution to this issue and has developed a fully shower proof structure which behaves more like a traditional tent! It does not deflate and does not rely on retention of pressure within the inflatable. The dark colours inside really enhance the lighting and the special ribbed design helps the acoustics inside.

Airquee makes disco dome bouncy castles and normal bouncy castles that we consider disco ready. That means that all of the products in the category come ready to plug and play. The wiring is all in place and installed so you only need to drop in the lights and speakers. Many other manufacturers do not offer this level of detail and they especially don’t hide away and protect the cables like Airquee does.

We work with industry leading technology suppliers for lights and sound systems. When you buy a disco dome bouncy castle or bounce house from Airquee, we can provide all the information on purchasing the equipment which works in complete harmony with our disco domes.

Whether you want something standard off the shelf, or something completely bespoke and custom made, please contact us and we will be glad to help

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