Covid 19 Shield Aerosol Protection

In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, and specifically the issue of clinical staff protection from cross infection during oral and exhalation procedures, Campbell-Hill Ltd in collaboration with the manufacturer, Airquee Ltd have designed and now present SHIELD, also known as AerosolSHIELD, and the DRS-INK SHIELD (Disposable Resuscitation Safe Intubation and Nebulisation Kit).

The SHIELD is flexible , smooth, lightweight, hygienic and low cost version of the Perspex boxes demonstrated in the past.

Airquee and Campbell-Hill Ltd have engineered four components to create a functional aerosol shield and these are (1) a pvc hood, (2) a pair of PE-X pipes curved as side supports and (3) a pair of removable straight PE-X pipes which slot in to improve stability.

There SHIELD has the following considerations:

  • Enough room for Ambu bag and hand ventilation
  • Glidescope
  • Bougie
  • Use of stylet
  • Awake bronchoscopy
  • Straightforward laryngoscopy
  • Enough space within for awake patient not to feel claustrophobic
  • Enough space for dentists to do awake procedure
  • Mcgills forceps and tongue forceps space available