Airquee have learned so much over the years and inflatable games are now a very popular attraction for any commercial hirer. You have only to see our amazing designs – such as our version of the under pressure game, where the floating balls must be passed from cone to cone – to appreciate the genius ideas and approaches that we have here at Airquee. Have you seen our incredible Rock ‘n’ Roll game? This has been designed with a ground breaking inflatable mechanism that makes the base rock from side to side and front to back, challenging users to keep their balance whilst battling it out in the jousting tournament.

Airquee have been approached by many customers to construct new styles of inflatable games, including ones that can be used for Team Building exercises and entertainment, such as our last one standing sweeper inflatables. We manufacture the favourites in inflatable games including bungee runs, demolition games, gladiator jousts, wrecking ball, inflatable demolition and much, much more.

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