Sealed Pool Inflatables

Airquee is one of the world market leaders in the design, manufacture and sale of sealed swimming pool inflatables. Also known as air tight inflatables, these products are perfect for younger children attending swimming pool parties or splash sessions at swimming pools.

Our clients consist of large local authority swimming pools, private health club pools, holiday parks, caravan parks and many other locations. Our inflatables are also suitable for domestic swimming pools. Airquee provides excellent advice on the decision to buy a swimming pool inflatable through our in depth and detailed knowledge of relevant safety standards relating to the operation of swimming pool inflatable equipment. The sealed units we have are beautifully decorated, magnificently put together and carefully designed to be just right for younger users as well as older children and even adults in some cases.

Sealed pool inflatables are an excellent addition, great alternative when space is restricted or for sites that want something specifically for use in shallower waters and quieter swim splash sessions or pool parties. Take a look around to see the wonderful range of inflatable animals, objects and swimming aides we can provide, or call our sales team for more details.

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