Medical & Emergency Tents

Inflatable medical tents and inflatable emergency tents can be used as a temporary structure for disaster response and rapid deployment for emergency preparedness. We supply inflatable tents and metal framed tents/marquees all over the world and our products are renowned for their reliability and superb quality. Our rapid deployment sections are also useful for medical and emergency tents so please also consult that section. Our medical tents and emergency tents have been used in all kinds of medical crises around the world including the Ebola outbreak and the COVID-19 Epidemic. They were used to create temporary hospitals, encompassing rooms for every part of the hospital operations.

Individual Isolation

In 2014 we were commissioned to develop isolation units for the Ebola Crisis and we delivered on time, to specification as always. Airquee is able to work with clients that have detailed specifications and short lead times because our technical understanding and communication is at an extremely high level. Individual Isolation Units can be vital pieces of equipment in emergency situation in both health services, emergency services, humanitarian situations and the military During both the Ebola crisis and COVID-19 Corona epidemic, Airquee developed products were used to test, treat and operate on patients. Airquee Isolation units are practical and effective for both on-site and off-site medical treatment and care where quarantining patients from the wider hospital or patient intake is key. We use air and gas tight materials and methods of manufacturing to seal everything off inside. In some cases we incorporate access points so that surgeons and nurses can carry out medical procedures on patients without coming into contact with them. Airquee specialises in framed and inflatable rapid deployment isolation shelters and environmental control units.

Inflatable Isolation Door

Helping to stop the spread of viral infections with Individual Isolation tents and Gas-tight inflatable doors help to isolate areas when other non patient activities are occurring such as: steam cleaning, essential maintenance works or the isolation of infected patients in areas as required on a temporary basis eg in an out- break of pandemic flu. Our Decontamination door has been tested with the UK NHS with hydrogen peroxide to allow decontamination to take place on individual bays without needing to close off entire wards. This fantastic and functional isolation door is easy to use and fast to put in place. Our tents are also used to isolate patients on an individual basis, reducing infection within hospitals on site and in the field. Our products were used during both the Ebola outbreak and the COVID-19 Corona epidemic.

Decontamination tents

Inflatable Decontamination Tents enable the safe decontamination of people during a chemical or biological attack. Designed and developed in conjunction with the UK National Health Service (NHS) our tents were used across several trusts in preparation for chemical or biological accidents and we can incorporate can incorporate the fittings for the technical apparatus you require such as showers, air conditioning, windows, doors and other important details.

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