Sales Support

Airquee’s customer service is there when you need it.

Airquee is more than a bouncy castles sales company. We offer sales support and customer service to help you select the right product for your business and clientele. Whether you are the smallest of bouncy castle rental operators or the largest of global leisure park franchises, Airquee has the knowledge and resources to help you make the right decision.

As one of the largest inflatable and bouncy castle manufacturers in the world, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and service. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small local garden hirer bouncy castles & slides, a leisure centre catering for parties or a large event company with gigantic and exciting games, we can support you through the sale and after sales process.

Our sales and customer service teams have multilingual speakers and we can help with most languages. We can create products to meet all budgets and price ranges from small to large and simple to complex. If you are new the business needing a cheap bouncy castle starter package and operational guidance, we are the company for you. We can offer the core pieces of information regarding what you’ll need to get started. The inflatables on sale from stock often carry special sales promotions, special offers and discounts. So this is probably a good place to start to get some inspiration for what you might like to buy.

In the past Airquee has been consulted on many projects involving air buildings, temporary structures, inflatable buildings, air supported structures, inflatable shelters and promotional inflatables. Our knowledge and network of experts can help deliver peace of mind and excellent results in every area we cover. Whether you need inflatable products for practical or marketing functions, we are confident we can support your requirements..

Order Process

Below is a guide to the order process.

1) Order Confirmation

Immediately after agreeing with your purchase, you will receive an order confirmation from us. This will include:

  1. A document detailing what you have ordered and how much it will cost. It will show your invoice and delivery address, delivery cost and approximate delivery date.
  2. The Airquee terms and conditions.

Please read these documents carefully and let us know immediately if there is anything wrong on the order confirmation.

At this point you will need to arrange your deposit payment, (Unless you are a government organisation who has an account with us). Details of how to do this would have been discussed with you and bank account details can be found on your order confirmation. You can also pay by debit card via a payment link we can send to you, just let us know.

2) Coffee and a Cake – for you, not us

Your order is in our production schedule but there are a lot of products to make before we are ready to start processing your order. You probably won’t hear from us for a while, there is nothing to worry about your slot in production is secure.

3) CAD and Colour Visual Approval

When your turn comes everything can move quickly. We have two approaches in regards of our manufacturing methods:

a) If you have ordered a standard product from us with no changes you can sit back and relax as there is nothing more to do.

b) If you have ordered a customized, or bespoke inflatable our team of designers will produce a CAD visual and a colour visual depending on what you have ordered from us.

This will be sent to the email address you provided when you placed the order.

When you receive these, please check them very carefully to ensure they are exactly what you want. If you do not understand any part of these documents, please call us and ask to speak to someone in production regarding your order.

If after checking these documents, you have any changes or comments, please put them in writing by replying back to the email. We will then make these modifications and ask you to confirm again.

Once you are happy with the CAD and colour visual
please reply back to the email letting us know everything is ok to continue.

4) Our Teams Spring Into Action And Make Your Products

Our order our production teams will manufacture your order. Once ready it will go through a rigorous quality control check followed by its very own photo shoot.

5) The Final Bit

You will receive an email from us with your final invoice and details on how to pay your final balance if anything is due. This email will also tell you about when it will be ready to collect, or the earliest date it can be dispatched to you. Most importantly it will contain two links. One link will contain a series of photos so you can see your final product(s), the second link will guide you to the relevant manual(s) for your order.

6) Your Documents

Before you receive your order you will get one final email from us. This will include the initial test certificate.

This certificate is valid for one year from when you receive your product and depending on the product will confirm any standards it is built to.

If your order(s) contain inflatables compliant to PIPA you will also get an email with a PDF of the PIPA certificate directly from their platform. If you are in parts of Europe where TUV or other certifications are required, you will receive those too.

Thank you

If you have any questions during this process, please give us a call on +44 (0)1179 414918.

If you quote the ‘A’ number found that the top of your order confirmation that will help us locate your order very quickly. It will look something like this: A23567.

If you have taken delivery of your product and have a
question relating to it, quoting the product serial number will ensure we are looking at the correct one. This can be found on your final invoice or on the label of the product and will look something like this: P34567.

If you did not find the link to our operational/additional manuals, this is where you find it: