Dual Lane Aqua Runs

Airquee, the world’s leading inflatable designer, supplier and manufacturer of swimming pool inflatables, created the very first dual lane aqua run. The original is still one of the best and that is called the Twin Track, developed all the way back in 2006. The dual lane pool inflatables were the natural progression after the popularity of single lane inflatables in swimming pools.

Since the Twin Track, we have developed many new twists and turns, such as the Destroyer and The Determinator as well as old favourites like the Commando Run or the Zigga Zagga. Dual lane aqua runs can provide an excellent revenue stream and excellent profits when balanced against the cost of purchase. Twice the through put, twice the challenge, twice the money and twice the fun!

All our swimming pools are designed, manufactured and supplied according to the most up to date industry regulations and guidelines. Our materials are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and fire retardant to international standards, while we are always on-hand to support you and provide you with the most up to date operational guidance and advice. Please contact our sales team or customer service department for more help.

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