Frequently asked questions

1 – What’s included in the price?

As most of our customers are in the trade and don’t need many of the extras, our standard price includes: the product, PIPA certificate (where applicable), ground pegs, storage bag, operating instruction and initial safety test. However, we are able to supply everything else you require such as blowers, sand bag covers, mats and other useful accessories.

2 – How long should my inflatable last?

This all depends on how well the inflatable is maintained, looked after, and used. We have many customers with units over 10 years old. Many companies normally rotate their stock after 3 – 5 years of use.

3 – What warranty is included on your products?

We offer a 12 months return to base warranty on all of our products.

4 – How can I place an order?

Easy, you can do this online, over the phone, via email or through social media with one of our amazing sales people. They will always be more than happy to help.

5 – How can I clean my inflatable?

Our industry leading gloss PVC is easy to wipe clean. We recommend warm soapy water and wiping over the inflatable after each use. It is important to make sure your inflatable isn’t packed away wet or that you inflate to dry at the earliest possible moment to avoid mould or staining on your unit.

6 – How do I pack my inflatable away?

Check out the very helpful YouTube videos showing how to pack your inflatable. With most smaller units, under 150kgs, folding to the middle along the length and then over a third time before rolling is a universal method to get the best results.

7 – How big will my packed inflatable be?

All our inflatables vary in weight and size. You will be able to find the packed dimensions (rolled up size) of most of our units within the specifications on each product listing page.

8 – How many users can use/go on each product?

Each product has it’s own number of user values. For inflatables we result to the calculation set out in BSEN14960 as well as taking into consideration the design, intended use and operation of the unit. All user figures are to be found in the specifications on each product listing page.

9 – Do you provide a manual / instructions with your inflatables?

Of course, as required by BSEN 14960 & ASTM F2374, each one of our products is supplied with an operation manual giving you all the information needed to operate, maintain and care for your bouncy castle and inflatable product safety and correctly. This can generally be downloaded using the QR code on the filler tube of your inflatable.

10 – How do I set up my inflatable?

All inflatables are slightly different but in general you will require a clear, free from obstructions site. This could be indoors or outdoors with enough room for the unit and a clear safety clearance around the outside too. Place the inflatable on the site and unpack from the bag. Unroll the inflatable and move into place. Inflate the unit and then secure it afterwards. Airquee provides more details and full instructions in our user manual on all operation which should be followed.

11 – Do you offer inflatable repairs?

We have our main warehouse based in Cwmbran, South Wales. There we have our repairs and testing department who will be able to assist with any issues you may have. We also work with a network of mobile repairs across the UK & Europe, so for all your servicing needs please get in touch.

12 – Can we customise your products?

Most of the products we sell are standard but for an additional cost, we can customise and enhance any design within the portfolio. We can also design completely new products from scratch depending on design availability.

13 – Do you offer branding options?

Yes, we do. Our industry leading design, print and cutting technology means we can transfer your branding requirements easily through product design and manufacturing capability.

14 – Do you offer finance?

We don’t offer finance directly but work with several finance companies which may be able to help. We also have a range of finance options for our leisure centre operators, so please do get in touch for more details.

15 – What quality are your products?

Airquee are proud to offer some of the best leisure equipment and inflatables on the market. Years of development, various improvements and knowledge goes into our designs. We only use the very best materials and components in all of our products which are trialled and tested to ensure longevity.

16 – Can your products be used in the rain?

From a technical point of view absolutely, our inflatables can be used in all weathers. However leisure inflatables such as bouncy castles, inflatable slides and inflatable obstacles should not be used in rain if a risk is posed to the user.

17 – Can your products be used in bad weather / wind?

We offer different guidance relating to adverse weather conditions such as wind, depending whether the product is an inflatable tent, leisure inflatable or promotional / advertising inflatable. Please read your user guide for specific wind guidance according to the product.

18 – Where are your inflatables made?

We own and operate our own factories in Europe, Sfântu Gheorghe Romania since 2007 and prior to that we have had manufacturing facilities in Bristol, UK since the mid-1990’s.

19 – Do you make your own products?

We make every inflatable ourselves in our factories and do not import any units from elsewhere or China. By operating and owning our own factories we are able to ensure we are in full control of our production, processes and manufacturing to maintain a high quality standard.

20 – What safety certificate / test is provided with your inflatables?

Here at Airquee the safety, and that of the users of our products, is our number one priority. We are proud to make some of the safest inflatables in the world.

In the UK we are a strong supporter of the PIPA inflatable testing scheme. That’s why any inflatable supplied in the UK and within the current PIPA scope we PIPA tag and 12 months PIPA test.

Where the PIPA scope doesn’t cover the product, we offer our own 12 months manufacturers test and certificate.

21 – Do my inflatables need testing?

Yes, the provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998 (PUWER) states that all work equipment must be tested regularly (usually annually).

22 – What is BSEN 14960?

BSEN 14960 is the standard (document) for inflatables covering the design, manufacture, testing and operation. Not all inflatables are covered by the standard.

23 – What is a PIPA?

PIPA is an inspection scheme in the UK set up by the inflatable industry. The scheme is supported by HSE (Health and Safety Executive) in the UK and is considered best practice.

Each unit within the PIPA scope in the UK is supplied with a pipa tag (Small plastic ID badge on the front of the unit). On this is the registration number of the tag as well as a QR code with users being able to check the status of the test.