In today’s world, our clients want and expect more from our products – bigger, better, bouncier. We understand that and we work hard to make everything we manufacture follow the principle of delivering more for you. Our inflatable arenas and multi sports arena inflatable games epitomise that idea.

In 2007 we were the first company in the world to bring our Arena and Arena Extreme to the world inflatable market. The concept was brand new, and might we also say, it was ingenious. In 2011 we followed that up with Airquee’s Sport Zone which truly put Airquee on the map, as well as demonstrating our ability to be ahead of the market! We pride ourselves on creating truly inclusive, fun, sports inflatables for all age groups with genuine health and developmental benefits. Without exaggeration, between these two aforementioned products, we have been able to incorporate the following games into two inflatables:

Gladiator Duel – Boxing Bungee Run – Volley Ball – Human Table Football – 5-a-side Soccer – Rugby – Penalty Shoot
Target Practice – Tennis – Basket Ball – Golf – Sprint Running/Acceleration – Bouncy versions of the games above

The multi sports arenas we supply are easy to operate and are designed to allow the operations team to set up the inflatable easily, with no more than two people. It is almost guaranteed that as the largest inflatable manufacturer in Europe, no other manufacturer in the world has supplied as many inflatable sports arenas as Airquee have. So with us, you get all the little tweaks and refinements we have developed, making our multi sports arenas and games arenas truly brilliant and excellent value for money

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