Roofed Bouncy Castles

Small bouncy castles are the bread and butter of the inflatable industry, so as you might imagine, Airquee have the most inventive and highest quality small bouncers in the world. All of our small bouncy castles are designed to be simple to set up, easy to maintain and fast to pack away. We hear from many companies that because our castles come with multiple zips or large deflation tubes, they are able to do more collections per day as they are not having to wait around for the air to escape.

Airquee’s small bouncy castles are manufactured with the best quality, gloss finish pvc which means that any dirt can be easily wiped off without becoming engrained into the material. This means your Airquee castle will look fantastic for longer.

Airquee’s small bouncy castles are available in A-Frame, Pillar and Beam and slide combi styles and come in a range of artwork themes including Nickelodeon and Universal copyright artwork.

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