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Medical, Humanitarian, Commercial, Industrial

Airquee is a design and manufacturing based company that both develops our own products as well as working under commission for other global players and contractors in various industries. Our products can be found in the military, health services, humanitarian organisations, sports companies, emergency services and other major users of tents and other structures. We are regularly commissioned on technical, industrial and commercial projects and our customers include the NHS (National Health Service), the Royal Navy, The Royal Air Force, the American Air Force, BAE Systems, Gaia Group, the Red Cross, Royal Dutch Shell and many others. Individuals and organisations are becoming more and more aware that inflatables or inflatables in combination with solid engineering and mechanical work can provide extremely robust and practical solutions to questions or problems which were previously answered by traditional wooden, plastic, metal or similar methods. Our products were used in both the Ebola crisis and the COVID-19 Corona epidemic to help public and private organisations test, isolate, treat and accommodate both patients and medical staff.

Our inflatable based products have been deployed all over the world for use in a variety of working environments. We have a variety of case studies related to this introduction but here you can find a brief introduction to how and where Airquee has provided solutions to client

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Shield Aerosol Protection

Enhanced levels of personal PPE (when available) has helped in protecting the medical staff from risk of COVID-19 infection via respiratory secretions during airway management procedures. However, it can take up to 7 minutes to correctly and safety apply full PPE from time of arrival. Recent changes to resuscitation guidelines to offer further protection may in fact delay medical staff from the early and urgent interventions on critically ill patients they are trained to provide.

Shield Aerosol Protection Hood
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Rapid Deployment Shelter

Our tents have been deployed in Europe, the arctic and the middle-east. Working closely with the military, humanitarian organisations and other NGO’s we have a vast knowledge of the way our tents need to operate. These tents also function as control and command centres, temporary mortuaries, sleeping quarters and more. We can manufacture all different sizes with all kinds of auxiliary functions built into them. They are fully scalable allowing our customers to build entirely connected villages if they wish. This product is a tried, tested and proven piece of equipment with hundreds and hundreds being produced and supplied globally

Rapidly deployed green inflatable tent tent
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Isolation Doors & Tents

Helping to stop the spread of viral infections with Individual Isolation tents and Gas-tight inflatable doors help to isolate areas when other non patient activities are occurring such as: steam cleaning, essential maintenance works or the isolation of infected patients in areas as required on a temporary basis eg in an out- break of pandemic flu. Our Decontamination door has been tested with the UK NHS with hydrogen peroxide to allow decontamination to take place on individual bays without needing to close off entire wards. This fantastic and functional isolation door is easy to use and fast to put in place. Our tents are also used to isolate patients on an individual basis, reducing infection within hospitals on site and in the field. Our products were used during both the Ebola outbreak and the COVID-19 Corona epidemic.

Inflatable isolation door
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Medical & Emergency Tents

Inflatable medical tents and inflatable emergency tents can be used as a temporary structure for disaster response and rapid deployment for emergency preparedness. We supply inflatable tents and metal framed tents/marquees all over the world and our products are renowned for their reliability and superb quality. Our rapid deployment sections are also useful for medical and emergency tents so please also consult that section. Our medical tents and emergency tents have been used in all kinds of medical crises around the world including the Ebola outbreak and the COVID-19 Epidemic. They were used to create temporary hospitals, encompassing rooms for every part of the hospital operations.

Medical emergency inflatable tent
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Solar Powered Inflatable Tents

Self Supporting Inflatable (SSI) structures with the latest photovoltaic technologies and renewable mobile off-grid energy sources. The inflatable tent is designed to withstand many types of weather conditions and safety issues that a module will encounter during its lifetime. Our SSI structures are preferably used in humanitarian situations as command and control centres or mobile hospitals.

Solar powered inflatable tent
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Decontamination & Isolation

Inflatable Decontamination Tents enable the safe decontamination of people during a chemical or biological attack. Designed and developed in conjunction with the UK National Health Service (NHS) our tents were used across several trusts in preparation for chemical or biological accidents and we can incorporate can incorporate the fittings for the technical apparatus you require such as showers, air conditioning, windows, doors and other important details.

6 compartment multi stage decontamination inflatable tent
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Temporary Inflatable Shelter

Modular versatile inflatable tents which can be rapidly deployed with a variety of applications from construction to triage are an important part of our portfolio. The modules can be combined to cover larger areas, offering great thermal and acoustic insulating properties. Often used as temporary maintenance and work tents in remote places, our shelters have been used in winds of over 120Km/h and extremely high and low temperatures to provide fantastic shelter to the work going on underneath. Whether it is a stranded jet in the Antarctic or a broken transformer in the middle of a desert, our temporary shelters have provided coverage for the most important of military, medical, humanitarian and logistical operations.

Red 15m inflatable work tent
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Inflatable Stage Covers

Inflatable Stage Covers are ideal for a range of purposes including events, concerts, screenings and production. Airquee has supplied inflatable stage covers, inflatable stages and inflatable stage roofs to some of the biggest and best-known brands, production companies and festivals. They include Vodafone, 5k Inflatable events and many more.

9m Grey inflatable stage cover
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