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Commercial, Industrial and Technical Applications

Airquee is not only a supplier of equipment to the leisure and sports industry. We are regularly commissioned on technical, industrial and commercial projects. Our customers include the NHS (National Health Service), the Royal Navy, The Royal Air Force, the American Air Force, BAE Systems, Gaia Group, the Red Cross, Royal Dutch Shell and many others.

Individuals and organisations are becoming more and more aware that inflatables or inflatables in combination with solid engineering and mechanical work can provide extremely robust and practical solutions to questions or problems which were previously answered by traditional wooden, plastic, metal or similar methods.

Our inflatable based products have been deployed all over the world for use in a variety of working environments. We have a variety of case studies related to this introduction but here you can find a brief introduction to how and where Airquee has provided solutions to clients:

  • Insulated inflatable tents to the extreme North of Norway on a construction site. Our inflatable tent was used to cover a work site to allow a project to continue during the harsh winter when ordinarily, work would pause. The tents withstood extremely low temperatures of minus 30 degrees and winds of over 100km/h.
  • Gas-tight doors to the NHS were supplied to the NHS which enabled hydrogen peroxide teams to completely de-contaminate hospital ward bays without having to close off an entire hospital ward, therefore saving lives and saving money.
  • Inflatable bunds to help Jack Tighe, BAE Systems and the Royal Navy create the first ever land based dry dock, allowing highly secretive works to be carried out inside a hangar, whereas they would normally take place in a dry dock in the harbour. This was the first time a ship has been wet blasted in a ship building hall and the trial was successful. A huge achievement considering the sharp objects and challenging environment our inflatables were placed into.
  • Decontamination chambers were designed and deployed in 2014 to help with the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Airquee has the resources and knowledge of different materials which can be used in combination to create highly technical and life-saving solutions.