6-A-Side Human Table Football

£1,995.00£4,995.00 (exc. VAT)£2,394.00£5,994.00 (inc. VAT)

  • Legislation compliant
  • Accessories included
  • 12 months manufacturer's warranty

Dimensions in m: 12.2 x 6.7 x 2.75 (L x W x H)
Dimensions in ft: 40.0 x 22.0 x 9.0 (L x W x H)

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Introducing the ultimate arena for competitive fun – the 6-a-Side Inflatable Human Football Inflatable. Designed to bring the excitement of the beautiful game to life, this inflatable marvel is the perfect choice for engaging team play and dynamic entertainment. Available in a diverse range of colors and customizable options, including ropes or metal poles, with or without a groundsheet, and the choice of an inflated bed.

Elevate the energy and enthusiasm of your event with the 6-a-Side Inflatable Human Football Inflatable. Whether you're hosting a corporate team-building activity, a school event, or a friendly competition among friends, this inflatable delivers an unparalleled experience that combines camaraderie and exhilarating gameplay.

Customization is at your fingertips with a variety of color options that allow you to match your event's theme or branding. Choose between ropes or metal poles to secure the inflatable, tailoring it to your preferences and venue requirements.

Whether you opt for a groundsheet or not, and whether you choose an inflated bed, this inflatable guarantees a secure and comfortable play area that enhances the overall experience. Safety is a top priority, and our inflatable is designed with quality and durability in mind.

The 6-a-Side Inflatable Human Football Inflatable accommodates up to 12 players at a time, making it the ideal choice for team competitions and spirited matches. The inflatable's design ensures a dynamic and interactive game, fostering teamwork and enhancing physical activity.

From school festivals to community gatherings, this inflatable delivers a unique and exciting sports experience that transcends age and skill levels. It's the perfect platform to create memories, encourage healthy competition, and promote an active lifestyle.

Choose the 6-a-Side Inflatable Human Football Inflatable to inject a dose of sportsmanship and excitement into your event. Tailor your inflatable to your specifications and witness the thrill of players engaged in friendly competition, bonding, and joyous camaraderie.


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Product Code AQ225
Warranty 12 Months
Included Stakes, 12 Months Safety Test, Initial Safety Certificate, Operating Instructions, Storage Bag
Length 12.2m / 40.0ft
Width 6.7m / 22.0ft
Height 2.75m / 9.0ft
Unit weight 106kg
Weight 131kg
No. of Packages 1
Dimensions 1 * (1.2 x 0.9 x 0.8)m
Fans required 1 x Gibbons 1.5HP Inflatable Fan
Max. users (up to 1m) 12
Max. users (up to 1.25m) 12
Max. users (up to 1.5m) 12
Max. users (up to 1.8m) 12

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