19pcs Circus Soft Play Set

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Circus Soft Play Ball Pond

Klaar voor verzending 3-6 weken

18pcs Circus Soft Play Set

Klaar voor verzending 3-6 weken

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Circus-Themed 19-Piece Soft Play Set with Ball Pond

Create an exhilarating circus adventure with our 19-Piece Circus Soft Play Set! This vibrant assortment, featuring a variety of play elements adorned with delightful circus artwork, offers endless opportunities for imaginative play and physical exploration. Additionally, included is a matching ball pond, elevating the circus-themed excitement!

Key Features:

  • Versatile Play Elements: The set includes cubes, circles, wedges, and a Double Rocker, encouraging interactive play and creativity.
  • Circus-Themed Artwork: Vibrant and engaging circus imagery on each play element sparks imaginative storytelling and fosters a fun-filled atmosphere.
  • Ball Pond Inclusion: Complementing the set, the matching ball pond amplifies the circus adventure, inviting kids to dive into a sea of colorful fun.

Product Description:

Bring the exhilarating world of the circus into your play area with our captivating 19-Piece Circus Soft Play Set, complete with a matching ball pond! This collection is an invitation to an imaginative extravaganza, boasting an array of soft play elements adorned with charming circus-themed artwork.

The set comprises cubes, circles, step cubes, wedges, a Double Rocker, and more, each piece showcasing vibrant circus imagery. Children can explore various shapes, build structures, and embark on imaginative adventures. The Double Rocker adds an element of motion, while the diverse shapes offer endless stacking and tumbling possibilities.

To enhance the circus-themed excitement, the set comes with a ball pond adorned with matching artwork. The ball pond creates an engaging play space where young circus enthusiasts can dive, play, and immerse themselves in a colorful ball-filled adventure.

Crafted with safety and durability in mind, this Circus Soft Play Set and accompanying ball pond provide a stimulating and secure environment for imaginative play. Perfect for playrooms, daycares, or entertainment centers, this set promises hours of creative play, physical activity, and circus-themed fun for enthusiastic young performers!

Please note that ball pond balls are not part of the listed price. We encourage you to reach out to our dedicated sales team for further details or assistance.

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Garantie12 Months
Inbegrepen12 Months Safety Test, Initial Safety Certificate, Operating Instructions, Storage Bag

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