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Inflatable Stage Covers and Inflatable Stages

Of all of the thousands of inflatable products that Airquee manufactures and supplies all over the world, our inflatable stage covers and inflatable stages are the most seen and most viewed product by the human population! Very often our inflatable stage covers are a purely functional tool, although they are also a focal point. An inflatable stage cover can be a crucial addition to outdoor events, festivals and other music centred gathings. Airquee is recognised globally as a reliable inflatable stage cover manufacturer.

Inflatable Stage Covers are ideal for a range of purposes including events, concerts, screenings and production. Airquee has supplied inflatable stage covers, inflatable stages and inflatable stage roofs to some of the biggest and best-known brands, production companies and festivals. They include Vodafone, 5k Inflatable events and many more.

Our range of Inflatable Stage Covers can be ordered as a standard product or custom made to suit your specific requirement and are available in a variety of sizes but our most common is 7m to 13.5m.

You can literally pop up a stage wherever you are in the world as long as you have power in a matter of minutes with an Airquee Inflatable Stage Cover. The majority of our inflatable stages are powered and inflated using 1.1Kw of electricity through 1.5 horse power inflation blowers/fans. That means 2.2KvA generators are perfectly adequate in most situations. Larger inflatable stages will potentially consume more electricity and require higher output fans.

Airquee inflatable stage covers, inflatable stages and inflatable stage cover roofs are highly technical in their design, material selection, structural integrity and environmental performance. Our designers’ have100 years of combined knowledge between them and we employ a number of material science engineers and mechanical engineers. Airquee inflatable stage covers and other inflatable buildings have been supplied to some of the most hostile environments in the world. When someone needs an inflatable stage cover or inflatable stage roof, it usually means that it is sheltering something precious underneath. Maybe it is equipment, maybe they are human beings. Either way, people rely on Airquee to protect what is inside no matter what happens. Regardless of whether you have to deal with wind, rain, sun, slopes or a lack of man power, Airquee can help you find the right inflatable stage solution for your needs. Whether you need a standard stage cover or something completely bespoke and tailor made, please feel free to get in touch and let us help you!

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