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Rapid Deployment Shelter

Airquee is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of military and humanitarian inflatable tents, buildings and structures. AQ5983 is a rapid deployment shelter with access on 4 sides which allows the tent to be fully scalable to create entire working villages. The AQ5983 has ventilation ports, chimney ports, air conditioning access, internal wiring channels, internal lining (where required), lighting ports and pressure monitors (where applicable). Typically this tent is 8m long x 5.8m wide with a height of 2.9m. We also offer the AQ5914 with exits only at the 2 ends. Both have been tested in the most severe of conditions including wind, snow, cold and heat. We have the knowledge and knowhow regarding what materials, manufacturing techniques and operational details are required. Our tents have been deployed in Europe, the arctic and the middle-east. Working closely with the military, humanitarian organisations and other NGO’s we have a vast knowledge of the way our tents need to operate. Examples of the areas we have knowledge in are:

  • How to support rapid deployment in packaging and preparation.
  • How to integrate support and ancillary equipment such as inflation pumps, air conditioning, insulation linings, fuel burning equipment and even solar panels.
  • Demonstration team to train your operational staff.

Photos below show how we test our equipment to meet requirements in the field, here is an example of testing a tent in heavy snow conditions where snow depths reached over 40cm. The tent did not move! These tents also function as control and command centres, temporary mortuaries, sleeping quarters and triage/testing bays.

These tents also function as control and command centres, temporary mortuaries.

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