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Medical and Emergency tents

Medical Tent

Airquee is one of Europe’s major suppliers of air tight, sealed beam medical and emergency tents. Our tents are used by organisations such as the Red Cross (Croix Rouge), NATO and other humanitarian organisations and NGOs.

Inflatable medical tents and inflatable emergency tents can be used as a temporary structure for disaster response and rapid deployment for emergency preparedness. We supply inflatable tents and metal framed tents/marquees all over the world and our products are renowned for their reliability and superb quality.

We are major suppliers to British Emergency Services, the British Military, NATO, the Norwegian Government and many other organisations. Our inflatable tents and ancillary products can be found on most continents supporting initiatives in some of the most badly hit zones and environments.

Our inflatable emergency tents and inflatable medical tents have all important technical aspects built into them. We can manufacture windows and mosquito nets where you require them and add doorways and connections too. It is common to have air conditioning vents built into the walls and the ducting inlet can be designed and manufactured to any size specification.

Importantly inflatable emergency shelters and medical shelters are extremely quick to erect, pack away and store. They are comfortable in any climate and are robust enough for the most torrid of environments. Our material knowledge means we can employ the right specification for the job you need our inflatable shelters to achieve.

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Individual Isolation Unit

In 2014 we were commissioned to develop isolation units for the Ebola Crisis and we delivered on time, to specification as always. Airquee is able to work with clients that have detailed specifications and short lead times because our technical understanding and communication is at an extremely high level. Individual Isolation Units can be vital pieces of equipment in emergency situation in both health services, emergency services, humanitarian situations and the military During both the Ebola crisis and COVID-19 Corona epidemic, Airquee developed products were used to test, treat and operate on patients. Airquee Isolation units are practical and effective for both on-site and off-site medical treatment and care where quarantining patients from the wider hospital or patient intake is key. We use air and gas tight materials and methods of manufacturing to seal everything off inside. In some cases we incorporate access points so that surgeons and nurses can carry out medical procedures on patients without coming into contact with them. Airquee specialises in framed and inflatable rapid deployment isolation shelters and environmental control units.

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Emergency Response Tent

The Emergency Response Tents designed and manufactured by Airquee are both air-tight (sealed beam) and constant flow rapid deployment shelters that can be used for disaster response, sleeping accommodation, temporary command centres, military housing, medical tents and operational control facilities and for undercover remote-working. The inflatable tent in the picture was deployed into the middle of the South American jungle to work on powerlines. It has the ability to automatically control temperature and regulate air pressure to maintain the air pressure in the tubes. Emergency preparedness is important for contingency planning in government, the military, humanitarian NGOs, charities and infrastructure construction & maintenance companies.

Inflatable Emergency response tents allow you to erect more tents in a shorter space of time making labour saving costs reduce your overheads considerably. They are self-supporting and easy to erect by using blowers that do all the lifting work for you. Time is lifesaving and delays in mobilising tents can increase the chance of people being left without shelter in a time of crisis. Our inflatable emergency response tents mean that you can set up the area of operation / accommodation / medical facility faster and be operational quickly. Our emergency response tents are made from high quality materials and are extremely durable we can also manufacture all the details you might require into the final specification. Examples are shower unit accessories, air condition ducting, waste water ducts, etc. If you think Airquee can help your organisation with our experience in emergency preparedness and disaster/contingency planning, please contact us.

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Triage Tents

Our triage tents can be used for a multitude of purposes. These tents are ideal for weather proofing, and can be custom made to fit your needs.

6m Fast tent module 8m Fast test module 10m Fast test module 12m Fast test module 14m Fast test module

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