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Temporary Inflatable Shelters

Modular versatile inflatable tent which can be rapidly deployed with a variety of applications from construction to triage. The modules can be combined to cover larger areas, offering great thermal and acoustic insulating properties.

Fast Tent

The Fast Tent range was developed in partnership between Njordair and Airquee. Visit Fast Tent website for more info click here

The Fast Tent can be used for a multitude of purposes, from cruise ship repairs, to swimming pool construction. These tents are ideal for weather proofing any kind of outdoor project, and can be custom made to fit your needs and we can even add your company logo’s. Our client Njordair are a very successful global company who supply these tents, and have developed the design in order to make the tents more suitable for construction purposes, but if you have an idea for how you would like them to be used, get in touch! Our team love creating and designing new features, and will be happy to help and discuss any needs.

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Airquee has vast experience manufacturing work tents used for maintenance and full-scale work projects in remote locations or where temporary structures are what is required. Great insulative properties mean they are very popular in hot and cold locations. Our tents have been use in the middle east for storage, as well as in the arctic to repair a plane engine! The military also use these tents for engineering works off-site, while private companies use them for temporary storage.



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