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Helping to stop the spread of viral infections with Individual Isolation tents and Gas-tight inflatable doors isolate off areas when other non patient activities are occurring such as: steam cleaning, essential maintenance works or the isolation of infected patients in areas as required on a temporary basis eg in an out- break of pandemic flu.

Inflatable Isolation Door

The Derby Door product is an ingenious invention conceived by Paul Brooks from the Royal Derby Hospital. Making its name all over the world, the Derby Door is a decontamination and emergency decontamination inflatable door which has now evolved into a number of other emergency inflatable decontamination tents, buildings, structures and more. The design and manufacturing process required all of the core competencies Airquee harbours in our product development capabilities. Constant consumer and prototyping feedback means that today, hospitals have a genuine cost saving solution to decontamination of hospital bays with minimal down time. Please contact us for more information.

After years of research and development between Paul Brooks at Derby Hospital and Airquee, the inflatable manufacturer based in Bristol the Derby Door got the recognition is deserved by picking up 2 awards at the National Building Better Healthcare Awards on the 10th November in London.

Shortlisted for the Best Interior Product Award the Derby Door had stiff competition from several other extremely worthy candidates for the prize, but ultimately came through as Number 1.

If this wasn’t enough to seal the confidence health care professional had in our product, moments later the Derby Door won a second award, this time for the Patients choice, fighting off 202 other candidates to become the the one product that patients believed “was making the most valuable contribution to the patient experience.”

This fantastic recognition paves the way for the Derby Door to become part of every hospitals arsenal against infection control.

This website will show you some of what the Derby Door can do for you but for more detailed information on how is can benefit your hospital, nursing home, health care facility or indeed anywhere that infection control and decontamination is important please contact us directly and we will be more than happy to customise the Derby Door to your needs.

  • Developed by an in house team for the needs of the service.
  • Low cost to Trusts wanting to purchase.
  • UK manufacturer ready to produce quality goods.
  • Enhancing the safety of the patient and giving the Infection Control team another tool in the fight against HCAI.



An inflatable barrier – designed and developed in Derby, which seals off areas of hospital wards to make decontamination easier, quicker and more cost effective - is now launched and available for NHS Trusts to purchase.

‘The Derby Door’ has been designed and developed by Paul Brooks, Head of Facilities Management at Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with Airquee Ltd of Bristol.

It is an inflatable barrier which fits flush against walls and ceilings on hospital wards to form a complete seal. Staff members carrying out decontamination enter through a sealable entrance in the middle of the door.

The primary function of the door is to provide a safe and reliable seal around an area of a ward that needs decontaminating, eg after cases of Clostridium difficile or norovirus. From there, staff can enter and clean without putting themselves or patients at risk.

 designed in the first instance to be used with the hydrogen peroxide method of decontamination, typically used by hospitals across the country. A solution was needed because while hydrogen peroxide is very effective in an enclosed area, because of the need to protect the health and safety of patients and staff it can only be used in a room that is sealed off. Open bays mean it’s not possible to do that quickly and safely.

However the door has many other uses, the ability to barrier off areas when other non patient activities are occurring such as: steam cleaning, essential maintenance works or the isolation of infected patients in areas as required on a temporary basis eg in an out- break of pandemic flu.

The door is made of a material that withstands typical cleaning and disinfectant products including hydrogen peroxide, ozone and all chlorine based disinfectants.

The door is also available to be used for isolation during outbreaks such as Norovirus or Flu, giving the hospital that is using it the ability to cohort infectious patients together in four or six bed bays adding flexibility to base wards during these times.

Cathy Bratt, Deputy Director of Nursing at Derby's hospitals, said the need to isolate patients was particularly apparent during the winter when there is a rise in infectious illnesses such as flu.

Ms Bratt said: "We know, nationally, hospitals this winter were under significant pressure because of the amount of flu and norovirus cases and the Derby Door would enable them to isolate patients."

The door has also been used in Derby during maintenance works allowing work to progress in the bay area without disturbing the ward environment out- side.

It could also be used in other industries such as Police work (sealing off crime scenes) Fire (sealing off areas after a fire), during clean up, asbestos removal, and the list goes on.

The image on the left shows the Derby Door under test with Hydrogen peroxide. It takes approximately 2 minutes to position and inflate the door and has no affect on the surrounding decoration. To remove you simply deflate using the air pump provided. Once inflated the door provides an effective sealed opening and access is gained via a zipped door.

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Individual Isolation Unit

Airquee is able to combine our experience of material engineering with our core areas of welding and stitched reinforced PVC products. In 2014 we were commissioned to develop isolation units for the Ebola Crisis and we delivered on time, to specification as always. Airquee is able to work with clients that have detailed specifications and short lead times because our technical understanding and communication is at an extremely high level. For more information please contact us.

Individual Isolation Units can be vital pieces of equipment in emergency situation in both health services, emergency services, humanitarian situations and the military. Airquee Isolation units are practical and effective for both on-site and off-site medical treatment and care where quarantining patients from the wider hospital or patient intake is key. We use air and gas tight materials and methods of manufacturing to seal everything off inside. In some cases we incorporate access points so that surgeons and nurses can carry out medical procedures on patients without coming into contact with them. Airquee specialises in framed and inflatable rapid deployment isolation shelters and environmental control units.

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Individual Isolation Tent

Individual Isolation Tent has been developed with the extensive knowledge Airquee gained during the Ebola outbreak in 2014. This version of the tent is not gas-tight and is developed purely for isolation and an extension of medical PPE for caring and isolating patients. With the spread of viruses such as COVID-19, rapid and practical actions to identify and isolate potentially infected people before entering the hospital with temporary, quick to erect isolation & quarantine accommodation is crucial. Airquee manufactures several emergency medical tent designs to help in crisis management situations & disasters. Our products can be delivered very quickly.

Individual Isolation Tent Individual Isolation Tent Individual Isolation Tent

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