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Technical Tents for Medical, Hazard Control, Humanitarian, Military and Crisis Management Industries

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Airquee offer a range of mobile Inflatable Decontamination tents ranging from individual tents to multi chamber tents designed to treat multiple people at one time

Airquee have designed and manufactured a range of emergency solutions. As these solutions are inflatable and solid framed depending on what is appropriate, they can be deployed and functional in minimal time frames, ideally suited to rapidly changing situations as they can be deployed / moved / removed quickly and effectively. This range of tents can prove to be highly effective during viral outbreaks like Ebola, SARS & Covid19. They are a valuable asset for crisis management situations in both military, humanitarian and natural disaster situations.

Multi Functional Tent

Airquee is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of military and humanitarian inflatable tents, buildings and structures. We have the knowledge and knowhow regarding what materials, manufacturing techniques and operational details are required. Our tents have been deployed in Europe, the arctic and the middle-east. Working closely with the military, humanitarian organisations and other NGO’s we have a vast knowledge of the way our tents need to operate. Examples of the areas we have knowledge in are:

  • How to support rapid deployment in packaging and preparation.
  • How to integrate support and ancillary equipment such as inflation pumps, air conditioning, insulation linings, fuel burning equipment and even solar panels.
  • Demonstration team to train your operational staff.

Photos below show how we test our equipment to meet requirements in the field, here is and example of testing a tent in heavy snow conditions where snow depths reached over 40cm. The tent did not move!

These tents also function as control and command centres, temporary mortuaries.

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Inflatable Hazard Tents

Inflatable Hazard Tents can be used in very hazardous environments and designed to deal with a variety of situations. The material is resistant to hazardous materials, chemicals and gasses. We use different fabrics depending on the application you want us to develop the inflatable hazard tent for. Examples of the applications we have developed inflatable hazard tents for are:

  • Asbestos removal.
  • Mobile decontamination showers.
  • HazMat de-robing showering and re-robing.
  • Virtually any scenario where you need to isolate people in the operational environment

The inflatable isolation and hazard tents we supply come ready to use, you just need to inflate them. Other benefits are:

  • They erect themselves and they are self-supporting.
  • Lightweight and easy to store.
  • In most cases you only need 2 people to set them up.
  • Often they can be used in less than 3 minutes +/-.
  • Everything is contained in one transport bag.
  • Can be used in almost any environment.


Yellow and black hazard and decontamination tent outside Yellow and black hazard and decontamination tent inside Yellow and black hazard and decontamination tent outside

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Inflatable Decontamination Tents

Inflatable Decontamination Tents enable the safe decontamination of up to 6 persons at one time, with separate compartments for each stage of decontamination and allow gender separation during the process.

As with all inflatable shelters by Airquee, we can incorporate the fittings for the technical apparatus you require such as showers, air conditioning, windows, doors and other important details.

We use special materials for non-slip flooring and we allow a smart-system for keeping shower water off the ground and making water drainage easy. Airquee also makes provision for heating ducting and hosing in cold climates.

Benefits include:

  • Anti mould and mildew materials.
  • Easy to set up – in one easy to store package.
  • Self-supporting and no need for any metal frames or secondary support.
  • Manageable for 2-3 people.
  • All components installed and ready to use.
  • Customisable to your individual needs.

6 person multistage inflatable decontamination tent 6 person multistage inflatable decontamination tent 6 person multistage inflatable decontamination tent

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Medical and Emergency Tents

Airquee is one of Europe’s major suppliers of air tight, sealed beam medical and emergency tents. Our tents are used by organisations such as the Red Cross (Croix Rouge), NATO and other humanitarian organisations and NGOs.

Inflatable medical tents and inflatable emergency tents can be used as a temporary structure for disaster response and rapid deployment for emergency preparedness. We supply inflatable tents and metal framed tents/marquees all over the world and our products are renowned for their reliability and superb quality.

We are major suppliers to British Emergency Services, the British Military, NATO, the Norwegian Government and many other organisations. Our inflatable tents and ancillary products can be found on most continents supporting initiatives in some of the most badly hit zones and environments.

Our inflatable emergency tents and inflatable medical tents have all important technical aspects built into them. We can manufacture windows and mosquito nets where you require them and add doorways and connections too. It is common to have air conditioning vents built into the walls and the ducting inlet can be designed and manufactured to any size specification.

Importantly inflatable emergency shelters and medical shelters are extremely quick to erect, pack away and store. They are comfortable in any climate and are robust enough for the most torrid of environments. Our material knowledge means we can employ the right specification for the job you need our inflatable shelters to achieve.

Sealed beam rapid deployed medical emergency tent outside Sealed beam rapid deployed medical emergency tent inside Sealed beam rapid deployed medical emergency tent frame

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