Safety Standards

Airquee adheres to all major inflatable safety standards. This ensures that our products are as safe as possible. 

Airquee designs land inflatables by following guidelines as laid out in the EN14960 standard revised 2013. All our new land inflatable units are provided with a certificate of conformity. The EN14960 standard guidelines apply to inflatable play equipment, anything that is predominately used for bouncing or sliding. This includes bouncy castles, bouncing beds, multi-play centres, slides, obstacle courses etc.

The EN14960 standard does NOT apply to pool inflatables, air buildings, domestic inflatables or inflatable games. However, when manufacturing our units Airquee always follows best practice, making sure our units conform on all applicable points. For example, we make all our units with no sharp edges, correct stitching lines, accepted pressure gauge readings, even if they are an inflatable which is not technically covered by the EN14960 standard. Any land inflatable should be annually inspected by a competent person (as stated by HSE). Some annual inspections are referred to as RPII tests or PIPA tests, although the correct term is inspection.

 PIPA is an organisation providing a database of RPII inspectors and all UK inflatable units that have a PIPA tag. You can request a PIPA tag and certificate for a land inflatable unit that has been made to the EN14960 standard at any time. It will then be added to the PIPA register/database. The PIPA tag is only issued once and remains on the unit for the duration of its life. It is imperative if following the PIPA guidelines that a new PIPA certificate is issued annually on the anniversary of the last inspection.

RPIIRPII is the Register of Play Inspectors International. This register is where all qualified inspectors have details registered, meaning that they have passed the competency test to carry out annual inspection on inflatables. This qualification requires the inspectors to make sure units adhere to the EN14960 standard guidelines. 

The PTA (Performance Textiles Association) represents all facets of the textile industry, from textile production, through conversion, manufacture and on to use. We have special interest groups for coating, manufacture, marquee hire, inflatable play, healthcare products and load restraint as well as specialist suppliers to the industry. The performance Textiles Association stands for standards, technical excellence and accreditation.

Airquee is a member of AIMODS, The Association of Inflatable Manufactures, Operators, Designers and Suppliers. This organisation oversees the PIPA Scheme for land based inflatables and the ISRM for pool inflatables, helping to develop, enforce and maintain the highest standards in the design, manufacture and operation of inflatables in the industries we serve.