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The World Journey

SSI: An International Humanitarian Project

O&H Concepts BV saw the need for a rapid response result for crisis situations around the globe and have designed a tent which can be used in these situations. We were chosen to work with them as we have the capacity and capability to create what is needed, along with the social responsibility to use our technical expertise to make a difference. The Mobile Solar-Powered Hospital Park (MSPHP) is designed for situations where speed, efficiency and immediate registration are of crucial importance.

 The product is composed of several Self Supporting Inflatable (SSI) Shelters and can be deployed as a registration and crisis command centre. This form of mobile shelter is an efficient solution when the need to act quickly is paramount.

These unique SSI shelters have a mobile off-grid solar-powered system, are ready for use within 10 minutes and can be linked together to form a fully self-sufficient mobile accommodation unit within 3 and a half hours, providing immediate shelter for up to 320 people.


Product Features SSI Shelters

 • Off-grid energy system for electrical equipment with flexible solar panels.
• Flexible and connectable.
• Expandable to multiple MSPHP’s.
• Easy to handle.
• Set up time: 8 minutes for each SSI shelter.
• It can be dropped via parachutes.
• Safe: internationally certificated fabrics M1/M2/B1/B2

Aid Agencies Save Critical Time with SSI Shelters

Speed and efficiency are vital during a crisis. O&H Concepts BV have invested in R&D, Logistics & Transport, and safety. Where time is an important factor, this product offers a time-saving solution. This research showed there were specific material requirements, and our extensive knowledge proved to be perfect, and Rachel Harwini Harbantomo Tjokropranoto agrees that the “highest quality materials” have been used for the SSI Shelters.

The mobile SSI shelters can be used for multiple purposes including as a registration and crisis & command centre. 

The floor-plan of the SSI enables the initiation and build to proceed in a structured and efficient manner.

Latest Technology: Flexible Solar & Light Panels


 We have established a long-term relationship with O&H Concepts BV to develop the Self Supporting Inflatable (SSI) structures with the latest photovoltaic technologies and renewable mobile off-grid energy sources. The product is designed to withstand many types of weather conditions and safety issues that a module will encounter during its lifetime.

Joined Forces

Disaster can strike at anytime, anywhere in the world, but the required immediate response time is underestimated time and time again. O&H Concepts BV, Airquee, Scoprega Spa and JokerXL want to make a worldwide change. Changes such of this are big and we have formed long term relationships to help the ones in need during a crisis or natural disaster.