Airquee's guidelines for buying an inflatable or bouncy castle!

  1. Does the inflatable manufacturer adhere to the appropriate standards for the inflatable you are considering, specific to the country or industry?
    So many inflatables require different manufacturing teqhniques, and you need to make sure your inflatable it meets the necessary standard appropriate to your territory. For example, Europe has a different standard comparing with New Jersey in the USA. But New Jersey has a different standard again to California. Airquee manufactures for different standards all over the world.

  2. Anyone can find bouncy castles to buy. However, it is important to make sure that you are geared up for the operational considerations. These could include transport, total weight, man power, marketing, range of products, etc.

  3. Does the inflatable manufacturer consider the purpose and environment of the product and then use the appropriate materials? 
    When considering the purchase of bouncy castles, obstacle courses, inflatable games and inflatable slides, make sure that the manufacturer adheres to some basic tell-tale quality considerations. For example, metal anchor points, well tailored roofs, bed protection (PVC or Webbing), removable slide sheets and climb sheets, high walls, EN14960 compliance, minimum 600gsm weight material should all be present on a good quality inflatable. You also want easy to roll, heavy duty, anti mildew material for bouncy castles, durable, anti fungal, anti mildew materials for swimming pool inflatables and lightweight, high tear strength materials for tents and promotional inflatables.

  4. If possible, view some of your potential supplier’s equipment and processes. If something appears too good to be true, it probably is. Good quality units should use single, double and quadruple stitching, hand painted figures and a protective lacquer on digital printing and paint.
    Always check whether their prices include: 
    VAT? After sales guidance? Blower? Pegs? Carrying bag? Repair kit? Warranty? PIPA tag and certificate? Free inclusion of company details? 

  5. Are high traffic areas made with removable and changeable/easy replaceable parts? For example, the slide sheets, climb sheets and crawl through tunnels. This can mean the difference between a simple repair and needing to buy an entirely new unit.

  6. Does the manufacturer stand by their products with genuine support and warranty?
    Remember to check forums and references!

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