Custom Made Bouncy Castles and Bespoke Inflatables

Royal Yacht Britannia AQ6021 - Bespoke Inflatable

Airquee custom made bouncy castles and bespoke inflatables manufactured in Europe and supplied worldwide.

Airquee is Europe’s largest manufacturer of custom made bouncy castles and bespoke inflatables. The custom made bouncy castles we manufacture come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes ranging from your smallest 3m x 4m bouncy castle to the World’s Largest Bouncy castle at almost 30m x 30m. We also manufacture other bespoke and custom made products such as obstacle courses, slides, tents, buildings and promotional items, product replicas and much more. Product replicas are especially useful and fun for new product launches or point of sales promotions.

Custom made vs bespoke

Project Name: Inflatable M Man

Product Code: AQ6031
Product Type: Bespoke Inflatable
Length: 1.45m / 4.75 ft
Width: 3.85m / 12.62 ft
Height: 4.25m / 13.94 ft
Weight: 25 kg
Fan Type: 1x315 Internal Fan

Take our friend here the Inflatable M Man, standing nearly 14ft tall, 12ft wide, he was designed and created for a merketing agency in Belgium. This inflatable was a complete bespoke product with some important design appearances that were specific to the brand and the logo of the final client. We designed this inflatable to be inflated with an integrated internal blower. The project was time critical and we designed, approved, manufactured and supplied the project in less than 6 weeks. This bespoke inflatable M Man incorporates fully printed material to pantone match the brand.

Project Name: Matexi House 4m x 5m

Product Code: AQ3165
Product Type: Custom A Frame Bouncy Castle
Length: 4.9m / 16.07 ft
Width: 5.1m / 16.73 ft
Height: 5.05m / 16.56 ft
Weight: 119 kg
Fan Type: 1x 1.5HP

This Custom 4m x 5m A Frame Bouncy Castle is based on AQ3615 Medium Snow House Bouncy Castle. The structure of the bouncy castle remains the same however the material colours have been changed and all the artwork has been customised to suit the customer requirements.

Custom made bouncy castles and inflatables defined

At Airquee we consider a custom made bouncy castle or inflatable to be an existing design in our range which is customised to include your own corporate branding, theme, message, artwork or colours. That means that a custom made bouncy castle or inflatable will have an existing technical structure with only aesthetic changes. Here are some examples of custom made bouncy castles

Modifications to bouncy castles and inflatables that lead to them becoming a custom made product are usually quite simple and relatively low cost to include. Examples include printing, telephone numbers, adding corporate colours or changing artwork themes. The below example is a standard bouncy castle called the House A-frame (AQ3165) that has been branded to colours of a brand in their corporate colours and logos.

Bespoke inflatables defined

In addition to our fantastic and extensive range of inflatable products, Airquee produce bespoke inflatables. A bespoke inflatable can be based on an existing design but with structural changes to accommodate your requirements or they can be completely bespoke designs from scratch. Our in house design department will construct a complete 3D model of your bespoke inflatable ready for production. Airquee also has its own in house printing facilities meaning we can produce the highest quality fade resistant artwork to truly bring your ideas and concepts to life.

Examples of bespoke bouncy castles would be changes in sizes or structure and appearance. Examples of bespoke bouncy castles and inflatables are product replicas such as inflatable bottles or coffee mugs, or bouncy castles such as the Royal Yacht Britannia picruted at the top of this page. We also manufacture bespoke obstacle courses such as those made for Inflatable 5K event companies that also include various bespoke inflatable slides and games.

Why Airquee for your custom made & bespoke inflatables and bouncy castles

Airquee is Europe’s largest bouncy castle and inflatable manufacturer and there are several reasons why we are the chosen company to design and manufacture custom made and bespoke inflatables such as bouncy castles, obstacle courses, inflatable slides and product replicas:

  • 1) Every custom made and bespoke bouncy castle/inflatable we manufacture is designed and produced in house. We control the entire conceptual design, architectural design, cutting, printing, painting, fabrication and quality control process.
  • 2) We have over 20 designers which means we can design and produce custom made bouncy castles and bespoke inflatables extremely quickly and efficiently.
  • 3) Airquee has a number of internationally recognised inspectors which means we are at the forefront when it comes to keeping up to date with the latest European standards.
  • 4) Airquee employs mechanical engineers, material science engineers, professors of engineering and highly qualified draftsmen which reinforces our extremely high competence in designing and manufacturing outstanding inflatables and bouncy castles.
  • 5) The digital printers Airquee uses are able to pantone match and work at high speeds. Or designers are also extremely skilled in pairing the print with material perfectly which makes an exquisite, almost seamless join.
  • 6) We apply the highest quality protective coverings to our printed and painted technical fabrics. This ensures durability and longevity, protecting your brand and investment for longer than other manufacturers can.
  • 7) Airquee has its own carpentry, metal and engineering divisions which means that when you need to include other possibilities to your custom made inflatables and bespoke bouncy castles, we can control the entire process in-house

A proven track record in supplying custom made bouncy castles and bespoke inflatables.

Not a day passes by in the Airquee factory when we are not working on custom made bouncy castle or bespoke inflatable product. We are producing anything between 17 inflatables and 25 inflatables per day and we consistently achieve the best quality time after time. When you purchase bespoke bouncy castles or custom made inflatables from Airquee, you know that you will receive a fantastic high quality product every time. Most other manufacturers in Europe either sub contract their manufacturing to Asia or at least multi-source their production. This means that the same consistency cannot be achieved. The partnerships Airquee has with its suppliers date back years and in some cases decades which means we can guarantee the same finishing standards each and every time.

Some examples

Project Name: Bauhaus Inflatable Cube Tent

Product Code: AQ5960
Product Type: Bespoke Cube Tent
Length: 4.25m / 13.94 ft
Width: 6.65m / 21.81 ft
Height: 5m / 16.4 ft
Weight: 185 kg
Fan Type: 1x 1.5HP

This bespoke inflatable tent for Bauhaus is designed to function as an inflatable point of sales & marketing tent. The core structure is a tubular framed and the outside are printed sheets pantone matching the brand. We have also designed and manufactured the logo to be 3D. The roof and sides are welded water tight to prevent water from entering the tent, something that Airquee specialises in and many other manufacturers do not. The product was specially designed using lightweight materials to make this bespoke inflatable tent easy to transport, erect and operate.

Project Name: Stena Line Ferry

Product Code: AQ2808
Product Type: Bespoke Bouncy Castle
Length: 6m / 19.69 ft
Width: 2.29m / 7.51 ft
Height: 2.15m / 7.05 ft
Weight: 45 kg
Fan Type: 1x 1.5HP

We design products to look like objects or items synonymous with certain brands. Here is an example of a custom made bouncy castle designed and manufactured to look like a ferry boat, complete with a great bouncing area and fabulous artwork strategically positioned to make sure the brand is well recognised. Custom made bouncy castles can be great for the small hirer as well as the large corporate companies because you can tailor your inflatable to give the exact message you want to deliver.

Project Name: Ecco Shoe

Product Code: AQ5645
Product Type: Bespoke Inflatable SLide
Length: 7.8m / 25.58 ft
Width: 4.8m / 15.74 ft
Height: 4.15m / 13.61 ft
Weight: 211 kg
Fan Type: 1x 1.5HP

Sometimes our clients want custom made inflatable shapes and those shapes lend themselves to inflatables other than bespoke bouncy castles. In the case of this boot for the shoe brand Ecco, a custom made inflatable slide was perfect for the shape. Our in house printers and painting department can exactly match the pantone colour while our designers can achieve the exact custom made shape to achieve the giant replica image of the shoe.

Project Name: Monkey Island Pizza De

Product Code: AQ4818 AQ4776
Product Type: Bespoke Inflatable Point Of Sale
Length: 20m / 65.6 ft
Width: 20m / 65.6 ft
Height: 12m / 39.36 ft
Weight: 1110 kg
Fan Type: 7x 2HP

We are often commissioned to create complete masterpieces when it comes to designing and manufacturing impressive custom made bouncy castles and bespoke inflatables. This example of a huge bespoke bouncy castle play area in the appearance of a giant Monkey Island was delivered to Germany. Airquee won the project because we demonstrated that our knowledge of European Standards compared to other manufacturers was superior. The fact that we design and manufacture everything in-house also allowed our technical and artistic expertise to shine though. We continue to develop and manufacture other bespoke & custom made inflatable projects for the same marketing agency following the success of the Monkey Island project.

Project Name: Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

Product Code: AQ2808
Product Type: Softplay & Bespoke Inflatables

Here is an example of a complete project incorporating Airquee’s carpentry, metal, technical and inflatable production departments. The Thomas Experience designed and manufactured for Mattel’s Thomas the Tank Engine brand demonstrates how Airquee can manufacture bespoke inflatable projects with superb outcomes.

Custom made and bespoke inflatable stage cover roofs

Airquee is a specialist manufacturer of professional inflatable stage covers and roofs. Our inflatable stage covers have been shipped all over the world for some extremely prestigious events and festivals. Airquee is often the chosen inflatable stage cover supplier because we demonstrate our technical knowledge, immediately giving clients the confidence that we can provide the inflatable solution they require, knowing that when it arrives at the event, it will work exactly as it should do.

The design and manufacture of inflatable stage covers is an intricate and specialist process. Airquee’s long and high level experience in the supply of inflatable tents and buildings to the military, NATO, emergency services, charities and humanitarian organisations lends itself perfectly to transferring structural knowledge for wind, rain and snow to inflatable stage covers. Our stage covers are loaded with anchorage locations and systems depending on customer requirements, in conjunction with our structural engineering knowledge.

It is very often the case that our clients wish to add doorways and access points in various locations at the back of the stage cover. It is also entirely normal for logos and themes to be printed onto the sides and front frame of the inflatable stage cover. We can also build in nearly any kind of fixing points to supplement infrastructure requirement you might have for lighting, sound equipment and the like.

The example below is a stunning example of a stage cover having custom made colours, branding, entry exit doors and wind breakers in the back.