Aqua Runs

Aqua runs are Airquee's speciality. If you have never come across these before they are inflatables that sit on swimming pools. Users make their way from one end to the other while trying not to fall off. These Aqua Run products, also known as fun runs, pool inflatables and swimming pool obstacle courses are popular all over the world and Airquee has supplied aqua runs to many countries. In the UK leisure centre industry aqua runs form a large part of swimming pool play activities. They offer leisure centres the chance to enhance their facilities and produce additional revenue.

Many leisure centres report significant increases in demand for their pool activities once they have an aqua run. Aqua runs can generate additional revenue to pay for themselves many times over.

Airquee offers dozens of standard aqua runs, many of which are in stock and available for next day delivery.

If you want one in your corporate colours, or require a complete custom design Airquee can easily cater for this.

Below is just a small slection of Aqua Runs. The full range can be seen HERE.

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