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Despicable Me - Order Today

Everyone at Airquee are really excited to announce the arrival of the curious, mischievous and loveable Minions. The entire Minion crew are here and will very soon be making an appearance on our range of bouncy castles, play zones, obstacle courses, soft play and more.

Airquee now holds the first UK and European license for Despicable Me on inflatable products and we just can't wait to show you what we have.

All the amazing quality artwork comes directly from Universal. Never before has this level of detail ever been printed onto inflatables. We had to buy special high resolution computers and new internet lines to deal with the sheer size of the artwork files! When you match this with our state-of-the-art Printers, the final results are absolutely incredible.

Despicable Me - Under Construction
Under Construction!

At the moment the Airquee Team are hard at work creating some amazing bouncy castles, interactive inflatable play zones, inflatable obstacle courses and soft play using what can only be described as the best artwork we have ever seen. Each product will tell its own story with the Despicable Me Franchise theme.

As soon as they are ready we will share them with the world but until then, sign up to our newsletter to make sure you are the first to find out about these amazing new products.

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Despicable Me - All the family

We don't just have the adorable crew of Minions but their entire extended family is joining Airquee too.

Our bouncy castles, play zones, obstacle courses and more will be available for all ages. We are sure there is something to suit everybody in your target audience.

Many of your favourite characters will all make an appearance on our brand new Inflatable products, each as large as life and bursting with colour. Order your inflatables now, in time for next season, and be the first to have these amazing new inflatables in your area.

Check back here regularly. It won't be long before we are able to show you a sneak speak at our new Despicable Me inflatable range.

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