Winder Wonderland Soft Play Area

On this page you will find examples of custom made soft play areas, demonstrating our manufacturing and design expertise which ensured that this beautiful commercial play area is up to the task of thousands of visitors during the festive/christmas period in Milan!

The set is completely modular and can be arranged in any layout/configuration, this photo taken in Italy illustrates our suggestion for the best arrangement allowing total inclusion. With the clever 2D theming throughout the play space, a warm and festive winter wonderland vibe is generated. Everything is free standing, modular and transportable.

Airquee worked with the client to make sure that the most important aspects of play are incorporated. Parents can interact with their babies, toddlers and children in the entire play area. There are sensory components with noises and touch/feel games. Children with special needs can be completely involved with other children because supervision and support is easy throughout the structures. There are educational elements helping children to associate animals, objects, letters, numbers and other interesting objects. Around the ball pool there are various items to encourage cognitive development.

This play area is completely brand and theme flexible. All of the items seen here can have interchangeable artwork and theming. Today a winter soft play area, tomorrow an Easter bunny hideaway! Call us for more information!