Event Slides 15ft Platform and over

The 15 foot platform and over slides are commonly named ‘event slides’, ‘mega slides’ or ‘giant slides’. Airquee doesn't mind what the name is; we just care about manufacturing fantastic slides that are designed exactly how our clients want them! 15 foot (4.5 metre) platform slides are normally placed in fixed locations for a period of time - due mainly to the size, weight and bulk of the apparatus. Moving these giant slides would usually require a team of 4, sometimes more.  Rental operators, large hirers and corporate event companies are common clients for our 15 foot mega slides due to our ingenious design quirks built into our products – to find out more give us a call!

In our opinion and the opinion of our many global clients, Airquee slides are the most vivid, imaginative, creative, animated and fun slides on the inflatable slides market. They are extremely well priced and compete strongly against any other producer in the world. If you are interested to buy a slide manufactured by Airquee, please get in touch and we will be glad to help.