Event Slides 10ft to 15ft Platform

Airquee event slides are extremely popular! As well as being in high demand with hire operators and corporate event companies our slides can be  found all over the world in the most prestigious leisure parks! Event slides are usually between 10 foot and 15 foot (or if you’re looking for bigger, have a look at our 15 foot and over inflatable slides. Airquee would normally define an “event slide” as 13 foot platform or over.

We manufacture and supply all different sizes and configurations, and we can design or adapt yours to be exactly how you want it. For example, some have two sets of stairs/steps and one large slide; some have one set of stairs and 2 smaller slides. We can make custom made rear loading versions as well - where the players climb up the back, then slide down the front. The front loading slide has the steps running parallel to the side.

Our industry expertise and beautiful designs mean that Airquee slides are the most vivid, imaginative, and fun slides on the market. We work hard to ensure we are extremely well priced and competitive against any other producer in the world. If you are interested to buy a slide manufactured by Airquee, please get in touch and we will be glad to help!