Up to 10ft Platform Slides

Airquee designs and manufactures up to 10 foot platform slides, which are by far the most popular and bestselling. A main reason for this is that with the operational terms (international rules on supervision and operation). In the UK and Europe slides with platforms of 10 foot (3m) or less are able to be hired or rented on a dry hire basis (which means that operators do not need to be present). Please consult your local operational laws and guidance for exact information.

Another reason for the enduring popularity of the 10 foot platform slides is that most of them are very easily transported, delivered, erected and operated by one person. Weight and maneuverability can be an important consideration for any hirer or operator, which is why Airquee spends time and effort designing and manufacturing slides which give the best performance as well as being quick and easy to pack away.

Airquee slides are the most vivid, imaginative, creative, animated and fun slides on the inflatable slides market. They are extremely well priced and compete strongly against any other producer in the world. If you are interested to buy a slide manufactured by Airquee, please get in touch.