Airquee produce a huge range of inflatable bottles for advertising and promotional purposes. We are the go-to company when a bottle needs to be superb, every time. Our design experience helps us achieve the most critical and tiny of details which give the finish product the perfect look, creating harmony in appearance with the real thing. We supply breweries, FMGC’s, nutritional drinks companies, energy drink manufacturers and many more. They are an extremely effective way of marketing drinks because they are very portable, extremely lightweight and phenomenally easy to set up and store. We can make them fully printed an install lights inside to make them glow in the dark. The level of detail we can achieve is astonishing as you will see with some of the examples of the bottles we make. As Europe’s largest supplier of inflatables and especially promotional custom made / bespoke products, we are the go to company because of the high quality we achieve. Our combination of great product application experience, unrivalled design ability, intelligent understanding of material performance and applications plus magnificent design and print capability sets us apart. We manufacture using specially designed PVC & nylon fabrics from continental Europe to make inflatable bottles lighter, stronger, more flexible and more durable. We can also apply the right blowers and base plates for the right situation. Please contact our sales team for more information.