Nescafe Mug Nescafe Mug Nescafe Mug Nescafe Mug Nescafe Mug Nescafe Mug Nescafe Mug Nescafe Mug Nescafe Mug Nescafe Mug Nescafe Mug
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Nescafe Mug

Product Code: AQ4647

Fancy a coffee? Airquee was commissioned to make countless numbers of inflatable Nescafe inflatable mugs which will be used as point of sale items and general promotional objects at various events around Europe and North America.

Why would a marketing Agency use Airquee to manufacture an inflatable coffee cup? Simple. Because we are fast with design, fast with manufacture and second to none with quality. Nescafe knew what they wanted and when they needed it. They did not only buy an inflatable coffee mug, they bought a result.

Airquee can handle projects like this with demanding time scales and demanding requirements.

Designed to the exact specifications? ................. Check

Delivered on time? .............................................. Check

Delivered to the right quality?...............................Check

If you have a bespoke or custom made inflatable project in mind to satisfy your marketing and promotional objectives, please get in contact with us because we will be glad to help. Our design and manufacturing ability is not limited to objects. We are now becoming a global leader in the manufacture and supply of inflatable tents and inflatable buildings. Inflatable buildings can be excellent value for money when delivering marketing objectives. Our advanced knowledge of the technical parameters we need to work within to deliver perfect inflatable tents and inflatable buildings mean that you can relax in the safe knowledge that all important technical design aspects are taken care of. From Pantone matched branding to high wind resilient anchor points and materials, we know what we need to do.

Name: Nescafe Mug

Product Code: AQ4647

Overal Size (LxWxH): 1.72m(5.64ft) x 2.29m(7.51ft) x 2.15m(7.05ft)

Total Weight: 25kg

Packed size(s) (LxWxH)m: (0.7 x 0.6 x 0.6)m

Required Fan(s) (sold separately): 1 x 315 Internal

Whats includedAs with all our inflatables this unit comes complete with the following items:

  • 12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Stakes
  • Initial safety certificate
  • Operating instructions
  • Storage bag

In addition we are available to help and advise you at any time