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Medical Tent

Product Code: AQ5109
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The AQ5109 Red Cross Sealed Tent is one of the hundreds of tents Airquee supplies to charities, humanitarian organisations, welfare providers and numerous other NGOs. The Red Cross Tent (Croix – Rouge de Belgique) is a sealed beam tent – also known as air-tight, air-solid or sealed with an outer cover. This rapid deployment tent can be used for emergency first response, medical building, temporary housing and much more. Our comprehensive understanding of how tents need to perform means that we can build in the details and minutiae that makes the difference in the field when the operational environment is tough enough, without needing to worry about the setup, maintenance and functioning of your inflatable structures. We work with the world’s leading material suppliers, best accessory providers and experienced inflation device manufacturers. We have worked with the inflation equipment suppliers to create a blower that maintains a constant pressure inside the frame to prolong thee lifespan of the tent and almost eliminate the risk of deflation through damage. Airquee manufactures a variety of air shelters, air tents, emergency shelters, air marquees, inflatable marquees and event domes, inflatable igloos and inflatable buildings. In the case of our air domes, they are normally either air tight or constant air with a tubular frame and lightweight PVC cover. We can make completely branded tents and all kinds of shapes and sizes varying from 3m diameter to 20 metre diameter plus. We have the ability to completely digitally print your dome to accomplish any theme or message. Airquee’s inflatable buildings are perfect for advertising, point of sale, sales stands, emergency shelters and inflatable product replicas (normally inflated on the roof). We’ve also made tents for humanitarian purposes and the military. We are without doubt one of the world’s major suppliers of inflatable tents, buildings and structures. Airquee is Europe’s biggest supplier of inflatable tents and we are in the fortunate position to work with some of the biggest users and operators of inflatable tents, buildings and structures. This means our learning and knowledge develops and an accelerated pace meaning we know the details that matter and how to implement them. If you have an idea or message to deliver, please contact our sales team and we will be glad to help.

Product Code: AQ5109

Overal Size (LxWxH): 5m(16.4ft) x 4.7m(15.41ft) x 3m(9.84ft)

Total Weight: 168kg

Packed size(s) (LxWxH)m: 1 x (1.1 x 0.9 x 0.9)m + 1 x (0.65 x 0.35 x 0.45)m

Fan: 1 x Hand Fan

Whats includedAs with all our inflatables this unit comes complete with the following items:

  • 12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Initial safety certificate
  • Operating instructions
  • Storage bag

In addition we are available to help and advise you at any time