Low & Open Bouncers


Open multiplay/activity products tend to have no roof and sometimes fewer walls or no walls compared to a traditional bouncy castle. These products can be suitable for all ages, from toddler to teenager. Open activity centres are ideal for indoors because they can fit into rooms and locations with low ceilings. They are also easy to design and manufacture in different shapes and sizes by altering the bed and adding or removing obstacle items.

Babies and toddlers can increase confidence through play on the play beds and mattresses and the low bed makes them ideal for little ones with little legs! We can make big obstacles or small obstacles, small slides or big slides. Everything is possible! The products are manufactured to the EN14960 standard and supplied with all necessary equipment to get you set up. Coupled with all the above and fully customisable options with great artwork and design, Airquee gives you everything you could possible need from your bouncy castles and more.