Jubilee Clip to fit 6 inch Pipe

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Pool inflatable bungee cords can make a huge difference to the life span of your aqua run. These bungee cords are connected between the pool inflatable and the rope that anchors it to the pool side. When the inflatable is in use it will move around on the surface of the water, creating tension on the ropes. The ropes will not stretch and this will cause undue stress on the anchor points of the inflatable. Over time or with excessive movement, the anchor points could fail. By attaching the bungee cords correctly you can significantly reduce this problem.

The manufacturers warranty does not cover damage to anchor points if bungee cords have not been used. The costs of transporting the inflatable for repair, the repair itself and the downtime of the inflatable is considerable compared to the cost of a set of these bungee cords.

The bungee cords should be regularly checked as over time they will become less efficient. It is advised to always have a spare set of these cords on hand in case one fails.

Used to attach 6" hose to your fan.

The pictures illustrate how the cords should be attached.