Duck 'n' Run Duck 'n' Run Duck 'n' Run Duck 'n' Run Duck 'n' Run Duck 'n' Run Duck 'n' Run Duck 'n' Run Duck 'n' Run Duck 'n' Run

Duck 'n' Run

Product Code: AQ5791
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The Duck n Run AQ5791, is an amazing team game from Airquee. Depending how you want to supervise/operate the Duck n Run Game, it can be anything from a 2 player game, right up to a 20+ player game in relay. The idea is for two opposition players/teams to enter the circular maze track at the same time and race against each other to the exit. Sounds simple? Not really. As well as having to be conscious of where your opponent is, you will have two giant swinging arms above you constantly spinning both towards you and behind you to catch you by surprise. In some directions the arm will be coming right at you, in other directions it will be coming up behind you. Players need to keep their wits whilst on the move ensuring to ‘duck’ at the right time and ‘run’ when they can! Get your Ducks and Runs timed wrong and ‘BOSH’ you get swatted by the swinging arm!

Easily manageable for 2 people and simple to set up, Airquee manufactures all our inflatables and mechanical systems in house so we can provide excellent technical support and after sales service. We can make the ‘Duck n Run’ in any theme, colour or corporate branding.

Name: Duck n' Run

Product Code: AQ5791

Overal Size (LxWxH): 9m(29.52ft) x 9m(29.52ft) x 2m(6.56ft)

Unit Weight: 276

Total Weight: 409

Packed size(s) (LxWxH)m: 1x(1.3 x 1.1 x 1.1)m + 1x(0.9 x 0.9 x 1.6)m

Fan: 2 x 1.5HP

User Height: Number of users:
Up to 1m 4
Up to 1.25m 4
Up to 1.5m 4
Up to 1.8m 4

Whats includedAs with all our inflatables this unit comes complete with the following items:

  • 12 Months Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Stakes
  • Initial safety certificate
  • Operating instructions
  • Storage bag

In addition we are available to help and advise you at any time