Inflatable Pubs & Church

Inflatable Church

Truly the original inflatable building of its kind, Airquee created the first Inflatable Church in 2001. At over 12 metres long and 10 metres high it has the presence of a real church, complete with stain glass effect windows and is finished in a stone effect. Our churches have been spotted at events like Glastonbury and Woodstock amongst many others

Inflatable Pub

In 2003 Airquee gained worldwide acclaim for the world’s first inflatable pub. Since then many companies have tried to imitate our designs, but no company can copy the unique design capability we have. The intricate details we have learned and employed in the last 10 years mean our knowledge continues to outpace that of our wannabe competitors.

Our products have been at the USA Super Bowl twice as VIP tents, as well as for brands such as Jack Daniels and Coors. Why? Because we know what design details are important, which design details are paramount and which design details are simply brilliant. Nobody else does that. The Hogs Head inflatable pub is the daddy of all pubs. If you are thinking about buying one of the inflatable pubs we sell, it means you’re thinking of beginning an exciting and profitable business quite unlike any other inflatable bouncy castle operator. Call us today for unparalleled support and advice.