The Kilderkin

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Dimensions in m: 5.75 x 6.3 x 6.2 (L x W x H)

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Elevate Your Event with The Kilderkin Medium-Sized Inflatable Pub

Indulge in the perfect blend of charm and elegance with The Kilderkin Medium-Sized Inflatable Pub from Airquee Inflatables. This remarkable creation sets the stage for unforgettable experiences, turning any event into a celebration to remember.

Product Name: The Kilderkin Medium-Sized Inflatable Pub


  • Product Code: AQ341
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Included: Stakes, 12 Months Safety Test, Initial Safety Certificate, Operating Instructions, Storage Bag
  • Dimensions:
    • Product: Length: 5.75m / 18.9ft, Width: 6.3m / 20.7ft, Height: 6.2m / 20.3ft
    • Unit Weight: 148kg
    • Packed Weight: 178kg
    • No. of Packages: 1
    • Dimensions of Package: 1 * (1.2 x 1 x 0.9)m
  • Others:
    • Fan(s) Required: 1 x Gibbons 2HP Inflatable Fan

A Gathering Place of Distinction: The Kilderkin Medium-Sized Inflatable Pub is a testament to the art of hospitality. Whether you're hosting a corporate event, a festival, or a private party, this unique creation redefines the concept of a social setting.

Craftsmanship and Creativity Blend: With meticulous attention to detail, Airquee Inflatables has crafted The Kilderkin to be a visual masterpiece that transports guests into an inviting atmosphere. The combination of elegance and creativity is evident in every aspect.

The Heartbeat of Every Celebration: Step inside The Kilderkin and experience the vibrant energy that fills its walls. Every corner is designed to foster connections, conversations, and shared memories among guests, ensuring a joyous and memorable experience.

Customisation Without Limits: The velcro front offers endless possibilities for customisation, allowing you to adapt The Kilderkin to any theme or branding. Make your mark on this inviting space and create an atmosphere that resonates with your vision.

Elevate Your Brand and Event: The Kilderkin Medium-Sized Inflatable Pub isn't just an inflatable structure; it's a canvas that carries your brand's identity. Whether you're aiming for a traditional look or a modern feel, this inflatable pub embodies the spirit of your event.

Unmatched Craftsmanship and Quality: Airquee Inflatables' commitment to excellence is embodied in every stitch of The Kilderkin. Designed for durability and longevity, this inflatable pub is a lasting investment that continually shines.

Bringing People Together: Events are about forging connections and creating memories. The Kilderkin Medium-Sized Inflatable Pub is designed to enhance these moments, making it an essential addition to any event where camaraderie takes centre stage.

Create Moments That Last: Elevate your event to new heights with The Kilderkin Medium-Sized Inflatable Pub. Experience the magic of a space that embraces your guests, fostering meaningful interactions and crafting memories that will be cherished for years to come.


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Product Code
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Warranty12 Months
IncludedStakes, 12 Months Safety Test, Initial Safety Certificate, Operating Instructions, Storage Bag
Length 5.75m
Width 6.3m
Height 6.2m
Unit weight148kg
No. of Packages1
Dimensions1 * (1.2 x 1 x 0.9)m
Fans required1 x Gibbons 2HP Fan
Features Disco Ready

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