12x10ft Racing Car A Frame

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  • Quality digital artwork
  • Pipa tested
  • Accessories included
  • 12 months manufacturer's warranty

Dimensions in m: 3.9 x 3.1 x 2.9 (L x W x H)

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Experience the thrill of the racetrack with the 12x10ft Racing Car A Frame Bouncy Castle

Designed under product code E0002RC by Airquee Inflatables, this inflatable masterpiece is your ticket to a high-speed racing adventure. Perfect for bouncy castle hires and event companies aiming to create a dynamic and exciting experience.

Rev up the excitement with Red and Blue PVC options, reminiscent of racing flags and victory lanes. The artwork captures the essence of a heart-pounding racing scene, complete with F1 racing cars, jubilant drivers celebrating, and a crowd of enthusiastic spectators. It's a celebration that sets the stage for a journey into the world of speed and competition.

Designed with an a-frame open front and a roof, this castle transforms any event into a thrilling racetrack. Its compact 12x10ft size suits both indoor halls and outdoor settings, setting the scene for an adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Safety remains paramount, and this bouncy castle holds the pipa tag, ensuring secure and carefree play. The castle's durability is backed by an industry-leading 1-year warranty, guaranteeing its resilience through countless racing escapades.

Catering to up to 4 users at a time, this bouncy castle fosters shared laughter and camaraderie, making it the perfect choice for speed enthusiasts, racing fans, and small gatherings where the spirit of competition comes alive.

Setting up is a breeze, requiring just a single Gibbons 1.5hp Inflatable fan (not supplied). After the race concludes, the castle folds away neatly under dimensions of 1m x 0.8m x 0.7m. With a weight of 50kg, transportation and storage are effortlessly managed.

The comprehensive package includes stakes for secure setup, user-friendly operating instructions, and a storage bag for seamless management. It's not just an inflatable – it's your track to delivering an immersive and unforgettable racing adventure.

Step into the fast lane with the 12x10ft Racing Car A Frame Bouncy Castle. Crafted by Airquee Inflatables, it's more than just a castle – it's a racetrack that ignites bouncy castle hires and event companies with the energy of racing, offering an exhilarating experience of speed, victory, and celebration.

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Product Code E0002RC
Warranty 12 Months
Included Stakes, Pipa Tag with 12 Months Safety Test, Initial Safety Certificate, Operating Instructions, Storage Bag
Certification PIPA, TUV
Length 3.9m
Width 3.1m
Height 2.9m
Unit weight 50kg
Weight 60kg
No. of Packages 1
Dimensions 1 * (1 x 0.8 x 0.7)m
Fans required 1 x Gibbons 1.5HP Inflatable Fan
Max. users (up to 1m) 4
Max. users (up to 1.25m) 3
Max. users (up to 1.5m) 2
Max. users (up to 1.8m) 2
Features Roof

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