Team Building Games

Airquee is the UK & Europe’s leading inflatable team game manufacturer and inflatable team game supplier. We design and develop inflatable team building games, mechanical team building games and foam-filled team building games. We design and manufacture everything in-house which means we have complete control of the supply process. As inflatable team games have grown in popularity and demand, it is important that you have a global leader in the development of inflatable team game<

Our selection is wide & varied and it caters for all kinds of individual prices and budgets. Starting with our smallest, simplest games such as hamster tracks and inflatable pony hoppers, we manufacture everything in between, right up to large scale 200m + obstacle courses. Some of our most popular games provide a fantastic addition to anybody’s rental fleet and generate remarkably high returns for team game event organisers.

Our inflatable team games for sale fit into various categories:

Fun and different:

Games like Twist Air and Under Pressure are good fun but also test co-ordination and agility by balancing the balls as they hover from one air cone to the next. Twist Air and Under Pressure are great inflatable activities for adults as well as children.

Reaction and co-ordination:

Catch it Quick and Hook the duck allow people to have fun while trying to catch the sticks as they fall. With Hook the Duck, players need to hook the ducks from the water using a mini-fishing rod. Airquee is a leading Interactive games manufacturer and our reaction & co-ordination games are extremely popular. Airquee can also offer inflatables to work in conjunction with the popular JB Inflatables interactive IPS system.


Kick n Stick is a giant Velcro dart board and very popular game allowing participants to test their football skills against others by basically playing darts but with a football and giant dartboard! Often known as football darts, this inflatable football dart game is extremely popular.

Team building:

Games such as Hamster tracks, Walking Tubes, Soma Cubes and Tanagram puzzles need teams to work together so that they can move forwards efficiently in a continuous movement, or build puzzles faster than the other team. Remember…. You are only as strong as your weakest team member!


Games like the inflatable Sweeper, Bouncing Balls, Last One Standing, Sumo Suits, Equaliser Wall, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Bungee Run and obstacle course are all games that require players to test their own skills in co-ordination, strength, agility and other physical ways either against themselves or other players.

Airquee continually develops new inflatable team building  products and inflatable corporate games but we also love to receive inspiration from our clients and potential customers. If you would like to find out more or discuss other opportunities, please contact us to speak with our Sales & Design team.