Although it would be hard to substantiate, we would be tempted to suggest Airquee is the preeminent supplier of air buildings and inflatable tents in Europe. Our range consists of both constant air versions and air-tight versions.

Our air tight or sealed air buildings as they are also known have been supplied to various international aid agencies, rapid response organisations, natural disaster relief bodies and many more globally recognized charities. Our customers include the Red Cross, the World Health Organisation, the Turkish Government, the Norwegian military, the British armed forces and others.

Our high level of expertise is unrivalled and the fact that we control every single stage of the design, manufacture, quality control and delivery process means that our customers know and have full confidence that they are speaking and dealing with the original equipment manufacturer, not an importer or agency.

The sealed / air tight department of our company is the most highly technological and sophisticated and we protect our knowledge and experience carefully. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

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