Inflatable Buildings

Airquee is one of the largest suppliers of inflatable tents, inflatable buildings, inflatable shelters, blow up tents and commercial & promo inflatables in the world. We supply countless brands and corporations. Inflatable tents, inflatable buildings and advertising inflatables can be designed in whichever way to achieve the message you need to deliver. Airquee has also designed interactive and active inflatables, inflatable balloons, billboards, blimps, exhibition stands, buildings and more.Our inflatable designs have been used in point of sales promotions on both small and large scales. We hope you enjoy looking at our inflatable tents and buildings sections.

Airquee products employ a wide range of techniques and materials including both lightweight sewn fabric and heavy, robust PVC as well as both digital and screen printed media. Our air dancers/sky dancers/fly guys and giant inflatables/roof toppers are normally one-offs and completely bespoke. Our capability to make both cold air products using a continuous fan, as well as air tight/sealed structures means we are perfectly placed to offer you the inflatable solution you need.

On the technical side, our temporary structures and inflated buildings can be used as inflatable marquees, or emergency shelters. We can build in specific design requirements to suit individual needs. Of course, we can brand all our inflatables to deliver the message you need to articulate, regardless of whether you are an international relief charity or marketing agency.

Airquee inflatable arches and marquees are common at many festivals and events. Call us today for more advice.

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