Shadowman Sports – A revolution in the sports tackle industry

Shadowman, designed by JP Hartigan of Shadowman Sports, is a unique and patent pending design inflatable mannequin which allows contact sport players to practice tacking in a realistic and safe way during training and the off-season. As sports become more serious and players become more valuable, it is vital that any risk of injury is minimised as much as possible.

The Shadowman product is designed to allow players to:
a) Learn and improve tackling technique and
b) Prevent injury to the players.

Through excellent product development and constant feedback, review, refinement and prototyping, Airquee and JP created a truly magnificent global sporting and coaching tool.

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Shadowman can be purchased directly from Shadowman Sports via

Airquee Case Study – Shadowman ®

Shadowman is an interesting success story, demonstrating Airquee’s unique position in the market. Airquee’s design and manufacturing ability has allowed them to become a true Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the global inflatable manufacturing market, in this instance for sport.

After having little success with several internationally recognised and respected inflatable manufacturers, Shadowman Sports contacted Airquee with their new invention.

From the outset, the relationship between Airquee and Shadowman’s creator, John Paul (JP Hartigan) has been excellent, with both parties having a mutual understanding of the final goal for this massive project. The end result is a magnificent tackling training tool which can be used in a range of contact sports such as American Football, Rugby, Ozzie Rules and more. The impact made on reducing accidents associated with off season and training has been enormous.

Decisive factors in the success of this project were due to Airquee’s:

  • Ability to interpret and manufacture a market driven product.
  • Shadowman Sports Tackle Better
  • Experience with product and concept development.
  • Ability to listen and understand the customer.
  • Ability to create simulation and rapid prototyping.
  • Excellent levels of product, quality and cost.
  • Highly skilled and experienced design team.
  • Maximised machine efficiency.
  • Continual process improvements, innovations and optimisation.
  • Skilled, happy and healthy work place:
  • Retention of work force
  • Good facilities
  • Employee satisfaction

For more information on how Airquee can help design, manufacture, supply and deliver custom made and bespoke ideas for new product concepts, please get in contact with us.