The biggest and fastest inflatable pizza delivery in the world!

This is Monkey Island, a custom made completely bespoke inflatable manufactured for festival promotion by Airquee Ltd. It was conceptually designed by the company Piece Of Cake from Germany for Germany’s biggest takeaway internet hub. The Monkey Island Project is up there with the best of them, on schedule and on budget without a single hitch. Delivered in record time, there were no problems or compromises in quality and safety standards, proving again Airquee’s world beating ability in design, production, delivery and technical knowledge.

The story goes like this..……..

In late April Airquee’s Mark John received a call from Christopher Mueller at Piece of Cake. He informed Mark that Piece Of Cake was working on an exciting new inflatable project for a series of music festivals throughout Germany. The conceptual ideas had been designed and the time had come to select a manufacturer. AlthoughPiece of Cake had already spoken with several other suppliers, Airquee joined the race several months later than the others and went on to win the contract. The professional chemistry between Airquee and Piece of Cake was incredible. A series of conference calls in the space of 72 hours followed, where every aspect of CAD design, manufacturing specifics, material choice and operational support were discussed.

The Airquee Designers dissected every aspect of the conceptual design to ensure that all parties involved – Airquee as manufacturer, Piece of Cake as project directors and Pizza as the final client – were absolutely sure about what was possible, what was not and what alternatives were available . It was this assured, forthright and fundamentally excellent knowledge on important decisions from our designers that won the support and confidence of Piece of Cake.  These were decisive influences that led Piece of Cake to choose Airquee as the supplier. Although we were several months behind the other companies in the process, our ability and proactive attitude was immediately obvious and the fact that we had missed out on months of planning and development simply did not matter.

Airquee is the winner – Let’s get to business.

The day of the decision was the last day of April 2014. The first stage of delivery was only 30 days away. How were we going to keep to this heavy commitment in peak season? Design and production were already packed full of other orders and now we had to squeeze in one of the biggest inflatables ever seen on planet earth. This was going to be a 3000kg Behemoth!

No problem.

Airquee did what it always does. Got the job done. We began by closely assessing the current workload and production plan. We calculated what design and production overtime was required. Starting immediately, we worked to get the sign off for the biggest and most important parts of the structure – the Gorilla Head and the Platforms. Fortunately our new designers, only recruited in March, were already working brilliantly in pre-production design. This meant that our three chief designers could dedicate themselves to the Monkey Island CADs. We confess, we had to ask our wonderful customers to ask if they could shift delivery by a few days and they obligingly agreed.

Suffice to say, the manufacture of the unit went perfectly. With a target delivery date of 6th June for the first event in Leipzig, we exceeded the delivery plan, delivering almost the entire project 3 days early! It has to be said that without the flexibility, understanding and continual communication from and Piece of Cake, this could never have happened. These people were an absolute joy to work with and for because they knew and understood the task.

The goods had left but the job was not over!

Atilla, our Chief Inflatable Operative, made the journey to Leipzig, taking Jacob, one of his team with him. They worked with the Piece of Cake Crew to erect the inflatable in plenty of time for one of the foremost inflatable safety experts in Germany to assess the construction. On the day of inspection, TUV and the Leipzig Safety Officer were on site at 9am. Mark John from Airquee and Christopher Mueller from Piece of Cake were also present.  As everyone was involved from the beginning, especially in the Design Review, all parties knew what to expect.

Monkey Island getting the official safety approval from the TUV Inspector  

And the verdict was?

After three hours of the most intense, vigorous and thorough testing, the inflatable and the operational procedures got a big thumbs up and inspection sign off/approval. We are happy to say that it gained huge praise in construction and design distinction especially considering the time constraints we faced.

The first festival was a resounding success and everyone enjoyed the spectacle.

And that is not all!

This in itself is impressive but would you believe that in May 2014, not only did we produce the HUGE Monkey Island, but we also manufactured and delivered 296 additional inflatables!

 Designed and manufactured by Airquee and Piece of Cake for