Inflatable 5k and Giant Inflatable Obstacles Course

In recent years, inflatable 5K obstacle courses have become increasingly popular events across the world. Operators such as Insane Inflatable 5k, UK Running Events, Gung-Ho inflatable 5K, Boundless Inspiration, British Military Fitness, and O2 Run all offer fantastic events across Europe and the UK. These Giant obstacles allow mass participation and great fun for all age groups and abilities.

In the UK and Europe, Airquee has designed and manufactured giant inflatable obstacle courses and inflatable 5k obstacle elements for some of the biggest brands in the field. Airquee is consistently and often the chosen manufacturer to design and produce the inflatable 5k obstacles because we offer a superior design, consultancy and after-sales service. Our repair centres throughout the UK and Europe means that we can support and rectify any unexpected damage quickly and efficiently so that you never lose events.

The concept behind these giant inflatable obstacle course 5k events is that participants enjoy and take part in an all-round experience for several hours, not just turning up and running a 5K race. There is usually a great fun atmosphere with music, refreshments, bouncy castles and other activities for children and more. Family and friends of the entrants can visit the event to soak up the atmosphere and activities on offer around the event. Secondary spend features are great for raising money and supporting the events which are especially successful additions if the event is raising money for charities etc.

When it comes to managing the event, participants normally start the race in batches of 20-30 so that runners are spread across over several hours. The more serious participants would leave first so that they can race against the clock unhindered, much like a marathon race.

Name: 5m H Platform Base Jump & Slide

Product Code: AQ6148
Product Type: Inflatable Obstacle Course
14.2m / 46.57 ft
Width: 7.3m / 23.94 ft
Height: 8.1m / 26.56 ft
Weight: 842 kg
Fan Type: 2x 2HP Fan

The AQ6148 5m high Platform Base Jump would normally but not necessarily be the final obstacle. It has two options for participants. The first option is for the runner to climb to the platform and jump onto the mattress below like a stuntman. The other option is to take the 5m platform drop slide. As giant inflatable obstacle courses go, this one is very exhilarating and really takes your breath away. It can be used in a combination of other items to create the giant inflatable obstacle course, or it is fine as a stand alone unit. As always, Airquee can offer custom made and bespoke versions of this inflatable corporate game.

Project Name: 18ft Platform Drop Slide

Product Code: AQ6369
Product Type: Slide
Length: 17.5m / 57.4 ft
Width: 5.25m / 17.22 ft
Height: 8.10m / 26.56 ft
Weight: 578 kg
Fan Type: 2x 2HP Fan

The 18ft platform drop slide was designed to be used as part of a larger inflatable 5k obstacle course series but is perfectly usable as a stand alone inflatable slide. Airquee is Europe’s biggest designer & manufacturer of inflatables and we are proud to supply most major inflatable 5k run event organisers and operators. Airquee are often chosen because we have an unrivalled knowledge of the various manufacturing standards such as EN14960 for Europe and the UK. We can also interpret the requirements of our customers into fantastic end results while maintaining the relevant safety standards to maintain safe operation. The AQ6369 18ft platform is a real show-stopper boasting an over all height of 27ft / 8m and a platform of 18ft / 5.5m. It allows quick throughput with its almost vertical climb having a rope to give people the extra confidence to climb up. As with all Airquee products, we can completely brand inflatable to fit with your corporate brand or colours. Bespoke inflatable manufacturing is a welcome challenge to our team so for more information, please get in touch.

Name: 36ft Triple Trample

Product Code: AQ6136
Product Type: Inflatable Obstacle Course
Length: 12.7m / 41.65 ft
Width: 5.55m / 18.2 ft
Height: 3.5m / 11.48 ft
Weight: 353 kg
Fan Type: 2x 2HP Fan

The AQ6136 Triple Trample is designed to use as a stand alone unit, with the Triple Tunnel unit(AQ6126)- see in this article. The Triple Trample Giant Obstacle element of the inflatable 5K products is made up of some extremely challenging obstructions and games. The bouncing balls require a combination of high energy, balance and dexterity. The biff bashes and giant inflatable X’s slow down participants as they have to force their way past. As always, this product comes with all Airquee guarantees and meets the EN14960 standard.

Project Name: Tyre Run

Product Code: AQ6414
Product Type: Obstacle Course
Length: 8.55m / 28.04 ft
Width: 5.25m / 17.22 ft
Height: 2.27m / 7.44 ft
Weight: 135 kg
Fan Type: 1 x 1.5HP Fan

The AQ6414 Tyre Run is a great additional to inflatable obstacle courses such as inflatable 5K runs, Tough Mudder events, Rough Runner and other inflatable running events. When runners are tired, wet, muddy and lacking concentration, navigating over the obstacle successfully without losing their balance and footing becomes harder and harder. This version that we have designed and manufactured is made even more complicated by having a tunnel half way through the obstacle. The inflatable Tyre Run is a great fun product both as a stand alone item or as part of a bigger inflatable obstacle course. At 155kgs and 8.5m x 5.25m it is extremely easy to manage, set up and transport. As with all inflatables designed and manufactured by Airquee, we can completely customise, brand and theme our products to meet your requirements.

Name: 2 Part Ball Bash Obstacle Course

Product Code: AQ6113
Product Type: Inflatable Obstacle Course
Length: 16.8m / 55.1 ft
Width: 4.25m / 13.94 ft
Height: 5.8m / 19.02 ft W
555 kg
Fan Type: 2x 2HP Fan

The AQ6113 2 Part Ball Bash Obstacle Course element of the Inflatable 5K giant obstacle course range is one of the longest inflatable obstacle sections. It is an extremely tiring sequence of humps, bumps, climbs and slides with all of them having obstacles and obstructions along the way. Fully customizable, this product is really good fun and gets a lot of positive comments.