Hybrid Airtight & Constant Air Ice Dome Inflatable Tent

Adrian Dann, the Managing Director of Danco PLC, spent hours sitting with our designers to make sure we delivered exactly what he wanted for his latest venture. Luckily for all of us, our business locations are only 5 miles apart!

Danco is one of the UK’s most renowned and successful suppliers of marquees whose clients include prestigious global companies, event organisers and festivals in the UK. With a history extending more than 40 years, Danco wanted something spectacular to launch the latest addition to its brand at Badminton Horse Trials in South Gloucestershire. Icescape is the UK’s largest supplier of ice rinks using real ice and are responsible for some of the most famous installations in the UK which include London, Dublin, Manchester and Bristol. Airquee stepped up to the challenge to help.

Icescape was officially launched at Badminton and everything was housed inside the custom-made Ice Dome building, manufactured by Airquee specially for Danco. The bespoke design allows skate hire, bespoke lighting, staff, a fully functioning bar, PA system and ice rink to be quickly assembled and housed under one roof.

Fully inflatable with an igloo style construction, this bespoke air building is suitable for almost any application and environment. It is made of 5m x 10m sections which make the building fully scalable in length.

It is a semi-permanent structure using unique design from Airquee which has sealed air tight tubes integrated into the design. Therefore, if the power fails, the inflatable remains in place until electricity is restored.