City Slide

schauinsland-reisen CITY SLIDE Tour 2017

Airquee makes land based slides for clients all over the world. Running events such as inflatable 5k, global brands such as Coca Cola, charities such as Cancer Research UK and independent operators all form part of our client base for our inflatable water slides, city slides and hill slides.

City slides are fun and engaging and allow high numbers of people to participate regardless of age and ability.

Airquee works with City Slide Global and City Slide Event to delivery massive City Slide events throughout Germany. City Slide Event choose Airquee because of our track record in working with TUV to deliver products that meet the relevant standards.

After the success of the initial 1km slide, we added this huge monster of an inflatable slide with a 10m platform which brings even more fun and excitement to the event.

We make city slides and hill slides of all different lengths and with varying numbers of lanes. They range from 10m long to 1km long, normally with either 1, 2 or 3 lanes.

British Military Fitness

Airquee manufactured this product for The Major’s Mud Run Obstacle event by British Military Fitness. Our inflatables form part of a 5 mile event emulating parts of Royal Marine training and other tough tasks. As is often the case, Airquee was chosen because of our renowned quality, durability and reliability in both product supply and prompt delivery. The picture shown here is a huge long water/mud slide which will form part of the obstacle course. Airquee has manufactured massive land based water slides up to 1km (for the Berlin City Slide).

Please contact our sales team for more information about how we can make your inflatable obstacle courses and events reach the next level. We can brand anything in your corporate colours and logos with ease to create exactly what you need by when you need it.

Cancer Research

Client: Cancer Research UK

Project: 150 metre (500 ft) slide for fund raising in Derry

The Background: After investigating different potential suppliers, Ryan McClintock and Sharon Arbuckle contacted Airquee. An experienced competent manufacturer was needed to demonstrate and deliver manufacturing excellence, but also provide on-site supervision and oversight. They quickly decided that Airquee was the company capable of providing exactly what they needed for this unique fundraising event in the UK.

The Concept: The idea was for a huge water slide to be placed on one of the longest hills in Northern Ireland running through Londonderry / Derry city centre.It was similar to an idea for a giant street inflatable in America which had already proved to be a huge success. The slide needed to have 3 lanes which would use water, inflatable floats, and foam to help players slide into the giant water pool at the end.

Design: With such a high volume of participants expected, the design review needed to be extremely thorough with safety constantly in the forefront of the designers minds. Airquee carried out a site survey to anticipate any potential obstacles, obstructions or technical factors that could affect our delivery of the required result. With detailed surveys, environment analysis and consultation with our on-the-ground staff, the Airquee designerscreated the plans for the unit speedily and effectively.

Production: As Europes largest manufacturer of inflatable equipment, the size and capability of Airquee was a huge factor in our ability to produce the slide within a short timeframe. From the design sign-off to delivery of the slide to Ireland was less than 4 weeks.

The event: As always when Airquee supply an inflatable, the entire event was a huge success and went without a hitch. Airquee would like to thank Cancer Research UK for this great opportunity.

More Information about City Slides

City slides are normally used on a gradient between 17 and 30 degrees. However we can often make slides at the start if your venue is not steep enough.

We apply all the fixings to connect the hoses and water delivery devices. We manufacture the slides in easy to manage sections of 25m +/- with an excellent Velcro system which is unique to Airquee.

Our slides are manufactured with different bases. Some have pure PVC sheets, some have a sandwich of think foam and some have inflatable beds.

*Allow 1 minute for the water to flow from the top to the bottom of the slide, from a 2 inch hose, each lane will have an ideal flow rate of 200 litres per minute. For the 3 lane 100 metre slide this will require 600 litres per minute*.

Each fan is 1.1kw (1.5hp) and is 7amps. We normally have one blower for each section*

*Statements are guidelines only and can vary on operational environment.